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C22 Plugin and Licenses

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Overview Mailpoet

MailPoet Features click here.


Overview Mailpoet
Overview Mailpoet

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MailPoet Premium

Also called Version3.


1) Plugin Installation

Firstly, install the new Mailpoet 3 plugin

New Mailpoet 3
New Mailpoet 3

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Problems with current version

Engagement Statistics are destroyed.
But engagement statistics are the main tool for SEO.
Newsletter is organic traffic

We use an older version
Manual modification to DB
Manual modifications to ccode

Video: New Mailpoet Version and Subscriber Feedback
Date: 2022.04.13

Our Changes to MailPoet

Any important changes to MailPoet.

Example: Videos 

Are they included by default? Or did you do a change?

What is the changes?


See details on this page




Upgrade to higher version (2022)

  • 3.87
  • But it will probably fix our issues with statistics
  • And offer new functionality
  • Like: Put the date of the post inside the Newsletter
  • But it will fix our issues
  • No manual fixes for subscribers, but we will simply look at bounced status



  • Maybe 16 or 20€ per month for 1500 subscribers after subscriber cleanup
  • Risk that our changes do not work any more (see above)


Key Activation


I managed to activate the key.

Still getting an error message:

Your key is not valid for MailPoet Premium


Key Activation 2022.04

Migration to Mailpoet Premium


import the information from the old MailPoet.

How to do the import?

Both old and new versions of MailPoet must be installed.

Once the user clicks on the page for the new version, then it proposes

“Start importing”  then the import process start automatically.

The following gets imported:

Importing from Mailpoet v2
Importing from Mailpoet v2

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Tasks after Upgrade

The following will not be transferred:

  1. Templates
  2. Post notifications
  3. Welcome emails
  4. Draft newsletters
  5. Archive of sent newsletters
  6. Stats

Our version on SNBCHF:

  1. Migrated (see below)
  2. Not existant
  3. Not existant. Do not know what the difference to the filled subscription mail is.
  4. Empty
  5. Archive of sent newsletters
  6. Inside the archive of newsletters


License after new version

You have to register in Mailpoet and request a free license for 2000 subscribers from here.


MailPoet Premium and Sending Service
MailPoet Premium and Sending Service

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License Renewal

After deleting spam subscribers and not confirmed, the license was invalid. So I had to renew it.


New License
New License

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License Verification by Mailpoet

Mailpoet Question on License

Usually we must receive a new license at the moment, but this time due to the size of the list or other reason, we needed to verify us.

We answer them and now we are waiting to be approved.


Mail MailPoet on License
Mail MailPoet on License

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Answer to Mailpoet
We answer them on the 5 questions.

Answer to Mailpoet on License
Answer to Mailpoet on License

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Temporary solution

Until we are verified, I switched back to old way of sending mails.

Permanent solution

After some hours MailPoet activate our account and gave us a license. Everything is back to normal now.

Permanent Solution after Obtaining License
Permanent Solution after Obtaining License

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About Page

About Mailpoet Plugin and License

Video Link to Trello

Video Summary:

Difference between 25b: SMTP and 25c Mailpoet Plugin

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