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Photo Organizing Software


Name Type View Sorting
ACDSee Photo Studio Professional 2021 Keywords, Categories, dates, ratings cropping, red-eye removal, resizing, and color correction. Windows
Adobe Bridge


tags, ratings, and other metadata
Adobe Lightroom color codes, flags, and star ratings, keywords import into folders and subfolders, catalogs, and virtual folders
Corel PaintShop Pro


keywords, calendar dates, categories, and ratings no duplicate
CyberLink PhotoDirector 10 Ultra tags, color labels, star ratings, and categories sort your photos by calendar date layers Mac
DigiKam Photo Manager
Google Photos + Backup and Sync


IMatch 5 labels, tags, and ratings
JetPhoto Studio 5 tags and locations
Magix Photo Manager
PicaJet 2.6.5 Only Pro Veresion

(formerly PhotoArchiver)

Photo organizing Keywords, Categories, dates, ratings
Duplicate detection
Smart Pix Manager bulk edit Windows
StudioLine Photo Basic 4
ThumbsPlus 10 keyword, date, categories, or ratings 23 creative filters to enhance the photos.
Zoner Photo Studio keywords, titles, calendar dates, and color labels basic editing tools like hue, brightness, and contrast adjustments

Alternatives to Google Photos

ACDSee Photo Studio Professional 2021




Photo Viewer with Map on Android


View on Map


Face Recognition


Metadata and EXIF


Import Photos


Import photos from camera,USB Stick or not used cloud.


Main Steps:

Step1: Run Duplicate Cleaner Pro: delete the photos that are already imported
Delete duplicates on the import folder according to usual way

Step2: File Date Corrector: Make sure that files have right Created Date according to time stamp.




Step3: Move named folders : if there are any named folders copy them into !Main directory on the NAS

Step4: If they are only dated folders or files with not useful name –> Import from Input Folder  –> Use FS Viewer

  1. Investigate if still files


FS Viewer Import

Software Used: FS Viewer

Software imports the photos according to the date taken.

$Y-$M-$D_$H.$N.$S : Same as DropIt except the model


2nd round with alternative size:


Duplicated Files

For duplicates, we attach a number.


Delete files 

delete files from Iphone

Delete files from Icloud



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