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Urgent Posts:

You see urgent posts in the Prio column: They must be published quickly (max after 1 day), because currency prices change very quickly.

When are posts urgent? They are urgent when they speak about currency or gold prices.

Look at graphs:

  • If they are for some days or few weeks. —-> Urgent
  • If many years or months — > not Urgent

Examples see below in red:
(euro price) Euro Shrugs off European Banking Woes
(gold price) London Attacks See Gold Stay Firm

(Sterling = GBP Price)

Urgent Posts

Original video

Keywords: dollar, sterling, franc, USD, CHF

Graphs often

recent prices for last days

not needed: prices over many years, not urgent

Video about Urgent Posts,

new rules as of May 2018


Urgent Posts Feed Overview

Feed Author  Feed page Urgent Posts  Explanation  Make Ready
SNB SNB R11 no
SNB Liliane R11 no
SNB Zerohedge R11 often Swiss National Bank Stock only yes, when it is focused on SNB

(SNB words)

Swiss Markets all R12 no
Zerohedge R12 often Zerohedge Daily, do not publish !
Swiss Macro All R13 no
FX Daily /
Weekly technical Analysis
Chandler / Georgiou R14 yes FX graphs over last days are urgent publish same day
Other Chandler R14 often Only if usual rules: Prio and graphs
are OK
Emerging Markets Win Thin R14 no should publish 1-3 days
Acting Man Various R15 not often Look at graphs: if they are recent days
→ Urgent
Only if usual rules: Prio and graphs
are OK
Gold Jan Skoyles


R16 often Look at gold price graphs: if they

last days → Urgent

Only if usual rules: Prio and graphs
are OK
Global Macro → United States Snider,

Hugh Smith

R17 no






Post name Author Category
VIX Tumbles, Global Stocks And Dollar Rally As Korea Tensions Ease Tyler Durden Zerohedge on CHF

Never publish these posts, unless they contain many Swiss words.
These posts are urgent posts. They must be published on the same day and not 10 days later.

How to recognize: They speak about stock markets on the same day. Example:

Should we search for many Swiss words or have to look for the example?

This is what we dont understand.

And if the example exist in the post but there is no Swiss words, What should we do in this case?

Answer: Never publish the post from Zerohedge, when u see the market snapshot (screen), or read “global stocks” in title.Do not count Swiss words.

Write “Daily Zerohedge” into tags columns. So we know that we do NOT publish this post.

We have already DailyFX with good graphs.


You may copy some graphs from Daily Zerohedge into DailyFX. I will show you how.


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