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Alt Text


Fill Alt Text via FeedWP

We write the name of the post and not the original ALT text.
This is post –> image —> alt

New function November

Write also in image —> alt

Three alternatives

– Either restores the full image text that includes HREF, ALT and SRC
– Only restores the ALT
– Copies Caption into ALT text (the caption is OK)

We still have the existing HREF for most blogs (except European, here we probably don’t have a chance)


I know this might be a lot of work to correct in the past.
There we need to know how many blogs use ALT text actively.

Now it will works for all of the new posts, which we fetch. It is working fine now and we take the alt text from the source. If they don’t use alt text, then we put title as alt.

It is implemented on European


Need test evidences similar to syndic tools
Please create this card as page
And add posts, testing html and media library screens that show the change



Need distribution to all blogs once George accepts the changes





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