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R69 Weekly FX Review

Page no: R69


New: Weekly FX Technical Replaces Weekly Review

  • Basis is https://www.xm.com/weekly-technical-analysis and the author there
  • Create Chapter for each Currency Pair
  • Copy images from video at the end of the chapter

Cheklist with Chapters

  • new next week: Take USD/CHF from hereAt beginning graph USD/CHF and EUR/CHF, all like before
  • WTI Oil

The plugin about setting the specific time when to start and stop the video doesn’t work. We found another way to set the time – ?start=144&end=158.

?start=144&end=158 – this should be added to the of the URL in the iframe. Its simple, we calculate the minutes in seconds and writing it start=”here” and end=”here”.

120 + 43 = 163

For graphs with Technical Indicators we are now using – https://www.xm.com/weekly-technical-analysis (graphs from this link from the video).



FX Weekly Technical Review



  • Change the images so that we see USD/JPY in video and USD/JPY in image
  • Do this for all images
  • For Doc upload image with red box to page: Learn to make the red boxes for things that are wrong
  • Verify that it starts at correct place for all chapters
  • Write video start into the text





Technical Analysis Improvement

No need to count graphs.

FX Trends Technical Analysis Weekly
R6x FX Trends Technical Analysis Weekly

- Click to enlarge

Technical Analysis CHF to Front

Always put USD/CHF to the front in title.

Technical Analysis CHF to Front

Old: Weekly FX Review Details


Main Chapter: Add Graphs and create new private Post


On every Saturday morning or Friday evening (when no work on Sat)
Rad should create a Weekly FX graphs.


We later fill Chandler’s text into the post.

— Set date to Sunday, if you cannot finish on Saturday.


Move the mouse out of the pic when u take the screenshot, copy them into the FX Trends — Weekly Review Folder under the date


  • —- put the images to pcloud —–
  • We replace the first graph of the Swiss franc currency index with a graph of
    EUR/CHF comparisons with USD/CHF
  • Swiss Franc Currency Index  (1 month) markets.ft.com/research/Markets/Tearsheets/Summary?s=ZCF:IOM   for 1M, compare with dollar index IRDXY0:IUS        ALT TEXT=Swiss Franc Index Trade-weighted index Swiss Franc
  • Swiss Currency Index (3years) SAME Graph and compare with Dollar Index (add comparison and enter: IRDXY0:IUS)   ALT TEXT=Swiss Franc Index Trade-weighted index Swiss Franc
  • USDCHF  1 month
  • Dollar Index    ALT TEXT: US Dollar Currency Index Dollar Index
  •  – New graphs
  • Crude Oil    Write Crude Oil into image as title
  • Write “Yield US Treasuries 10 years
  • S&P 500 
  • ————— Now the post————-
  • Copy old “Weekly Review Base”  into a new Draft , set URL to this week, make it private
  • Keep Text for Swiss Franc Currency Index (3 years): Update only the numbers based on the images
  • Remove all other text in the left column
  • Width of images from markets.ft.com = 450 !! Technical Charts = 600 !!
  • Replace all FX images with the ones of this week (see screen how to replace). Set the ALT text to title of image, when u upload the images !!!
  • click to enlarge and Verify Alt Text and link to Media (see screen)
  • Sunday: George will add the text from Chandler into the post with the FX images
  • —- Text from Swiss Franc Forecast (sometimes)
  • See here
  • —- Change Featured Image
  • Remove the old featured image and use the first graph (here)
  • — Newsletter and Date
  • Set the date to Sunday before 11 am
  • Set Newsletter tag (remove Newslettersent)
FX Trends Folder

- Click to enlarge

Euro Swiss Franc FX Cross Rate

We replace the first graph of the Swiss franc currency index with a graph of EUR/CHF comparisons with USD/CHF

Add new Image

- Click to enlarge

Changes: Weekly Review now with EUR/CHF and USD/CHF

We replace the first graph of the Swiss franc currency index with a graph of

Take from next weekly review. Wait till Saturday when you do it.

(May 15, 2017)

USD/CHF Compared to EUR/USD (longer video)

The video shows how to compare two currency pairs on ft.markets.


(December 18)

Weekly Review and Weekend Work


1. Date to Sunday so that it is in the newsletter

2. Featured Image EUR/CHF (and USD/CHF)

3. Copy Post text directly from http://www.marctomarket.com/

This helps to avoid unnecessary spaces, problems with formatting when we import.

4. How the page R92 is organized (Saturday and Sunday work with Weekly Review).

5. Check Swiss Franc Forecast Feed

(May 22, 2017)

Weekly Review: Technical Indicators Part1


This describes how to build the technical indicators from Dukascopy.


January 07, 2017

Weekly Review: Technical Indicators on the Media

January 07, 2017

Swiss Franc Forecast into Weekly Review


(November 02)


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