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The plugin “author post type” contains different functionalities for promoting authors



3 Different Post Types


  1. The post type “book”
  2. The post type “audio”
  3. The post type “video”
Author Post Type Backend

The Books GUI: Post Type Books

Front-end integrated in Author pages

The front-end must be fully integrated inside the author pages. Books are one of several tabs of the author pages.

 (screenshot missing)

Page of all books for one author.

This one is similar to the old Book GUI, but it is generated automatically based on the “book posts” of one author.

Two options:

  1. Posts Archive
  2. Posts Page (like old Book GUI) or both

Each author has a book page under which the different books are listed, e.g. /worstall/books

 (screenshot missing)

Order books


By default we must order books for one author by
1. Name Ascending / Edition Descending
2. Publication Date Descending
(empty pubdate comes last)


Previous Next Buttons

Previous, next buttons for books are for books of the same author and  not – like we do for posts –  for the same category.

 (screenshot missing)

Do not show last update date for books

When the publication date is empty on Amazon, then today is
set as publication date. Better don’t show it at all.

Do not show last update date

New fields in user overview

Comment field: We enter the number of books in Amazon.
So we can compare it with our number of booksBio Yes/No: Tells us if the user has a short bio.User URL: Gives view on Author Page (opens in new tab)Add books: Opens the amazon loader (should open in new tab)

new fields in user overview

It is essentially an override of the post functionality made for typical attributes of books, videos and audios.

The plugin is integrated in the plugin “author pages”, that provides a GUI for the visualizing the author. This includes a GUI that links to viewing books, audios and videos and additional attributes, like the bio, rating or keywords.



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