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PRIV L73 Tester/Writer

George Morgan
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Page no: L73



Extract from O61

Number  Job Name Work Artefacts  Currently done by  Future person
Technical Writer, Business Analyst Describe problem and problem for the checklists
Achieve logical object-oriented structure for the doc pages
Documentation pages  Niki/George


Niki and
 IT Testing General functionality, Exception cases,
Test if performance good enough
 Tested plugins and other functionality  Team, Niki  Tester/Writer and Team








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Technical Writer&Tester 1500$ per month


WordPress Plugin, Technical Writing, Testing, Client Communication, IT Specification


This is NO programming job, no SEO job
The job can be done anywhere, anytime. We do not need fixed working hours.

Our Sites

Our websites provide high-quality content in economics to the readers. One team in Bulgaria publishes new content based on RSS feeds and develops WordPress plugins.
One of our sites is leaders.economicblogs.org

Way of Work

As basic for the requirements, the project head create screen-cast videos that explain what the team is going to develop.

Your Tasks


Mostly Technical Writing

Some Testing


Some Communication

The new person should accomplish the following tasks:
Technical Writing
1) Understand the requirement videos and give a quick wrap-up of the video that specify the parts for the IT specification.
2) Competition Analysis: Compare different WordPress plugins and how they correspond to our requirements. Here a feedback video to one of our comparison analysis:
3) Improvement of existing IT specification : Correct our existing specification as for orthographic and grammar. Bring the content into a logical order (OBJECT-BASED).
4) Execute tests based on the spec and requirements against newly developed plugins.
5) Give feedback and improvement hints to daily content on snbchf.com based on the rules in our knowledge base: Improve English writing, better WP tags, better graphs, related articles.
6) Client interaction like respond to comments, feedback, emails

Skills Required


Skills required:

  • Very good English understanding and writing
  • Practice as technical writer
  • Used to WordPress and WordPress plugins
  • Scrum experience
  • Some experience in IT testing


Beneficial would be:
– Experience in publishing a WordPress plugin would be useful.
– Understands basics of economics

Who taken for job

–> Condition 1: You do not have feedback yet or no good Feedback on Guru or a similar site
                             (you may link another site that contains good feedback)
–> Condition 2: You do not write why you fit for this job.
–> Condition 3: You must answer 2 out of the 3 following scanning questions:
All Quotes will be deleted directly, otherwise.

Screening Questions

Question 1:
Trello and Scrum
What are the major objects of the Trello.com design?
Compare these objects to the general scrum technique.
How would you map Trello objects to Scrum objects?
Question 2:
WordPress DB
What are the major objects and attributes of a WordPress database?
In which sense is the DB design flexible?
Question 3:
WordPress and Social Media
You want to publish content on social media automatically on different channels based on our blog. How can you achieve that automatically?
Question 4:
Way of Work, Scrum
What is the Definition of Done (DoD) when you are asked to summarize a screencast video in a little text? Please include formatting in the DoD.



Hi, We have 600 pages (120 are mother pages, nothing to do).

When I work on the pages, it takes about 30 min to 1h in average to clean them up
30 min for the normal pages, 1 h for the difficult ones like Doc Pages
Sometimes a bit more when there are many videos
Hence the break even for you is a max time of 3 hours for simple pages and 6-8 hours for complex pages.
There are about 30 complex pages, this means more than 3 newer videos that are still relevant. You have seen the doc pages O40 as example.
The team will have copied the Trello Summaries to all videos (if they exist)

Hence u need to do for each page:
1) Table of Content
2) Chapter names
3) Keywords
4) Formatting correct
5) Missing video summaries (when there is no Trello summary)
6) Some important screenshots from the videos.
7) Correct page numbering and Vimeo, Pcloud and Trello Sync
3h work per page for the normal case, namely for a 20 minutes video on the page
C) Copied pages like https://doc.e-llusion.org/concept/url-slug/permalinks-harmful/ or without videos have less work maybe 1h
Simple pages, pages without video: 1-2h

In Total:
A) 30 complex pages: x 8 = 240 h
B) 300 normal pages (with video) x 3h= 900h max
C) 270 simple pages (no video) x 1.5h = 400 h max
1540 hours = 192 days

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