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Website Passwords

Website passwords for George should be stored in a tool.

But not sensitive passwords like server, DB or money.

Avast syncs passwords among all computers.

Avast passwords

The first solution is Avast passwords.

Avast Password on doc site

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Account Name

The Avast Account Name must be short, so that I can see it.

Change into short name

Avast Short Account Name
CM53 Avast Short Account Name

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Duplicate logins

Avoid duplicate login

Remove duplicated entries.


Avast Duplicate logins
CM53 Avast Duplicate logins

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Avast Improve Weak Passwords

Avast tells you when passwords are too weak. I renamed the passwords into

  • (improve)

Improve the passwords that are weak.


  • Log into the site
  • Generate a password with password manager
  • change the password on the site




Avast Improve Weak Passwords
CM53 Avast Improve Weak Passwords

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Avast Remove Data Sharing

Avast Remove Data Sharing
CM53 Avast Remove Data Sharing

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Delete Passwords

Some passwords are

  • Too confidential to be on Avast passwords or
  • not used any more

Delete them from Avast password manager

Keep them only in Keepass.




CM53 Delete


Problems with Avast Passwords

Bot Austrian and SNBCHF have unresponsive widgets


Unresponsive Wordpress Widgets Austrian

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Widgets SNBCHF unresponsive

The video shows that the widgets on SNBCHF become unresponsive.




Avast reporting bug


Avast Passwords not working with WordPress



We tested SNBCHF and Austrian widgets but didn’t find something wrong. Widgets work correct.

Avast reporting bug

Bug text reported to Avast


We installed your browser extension called Avast Password. We are running it on Chrome browser (last version) under Windows 7 OS. When we browse in different websites, the page freeze and a popup for unresponsive page appear. When the plugin is disabled, then there is no a problem. (see attachment called chrome-freeze-problem.png)

We tried the same thing with Firefox. The same thing happens again. The OS is Windows 7. Firefox is the last available version. (see attachment called firefox-freeze-problem.png)


Firefox freezing problem

Firefox freezing problem




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