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CM11 Windows Installation (Mig)

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Order of Installation

Windows Install

The following gives an overview of what we do during an installation.


Video: CM13 New Win Ultimate Install George-BG 2018110




Windows System and Microsoft Apps

  1. Install the Windows system
  2. For Windows 8.1. and Windows 10, uninstall / remove all the nonsense applications in the start area.
  3. Keep just control panel/settings, desktop, photos link and explorer and skype for business.

Network and Home Group


Network: We install Windows 7 network drivers, on Win8 and 10 it should work automatically.

Home-group and Shared Drives: We need at least shared drives.


Wind7:  Get the software via USB Stick.
Windows 8 and 10 network should work directly with the installation.

Home Group

We usually do not use the home-group.

With tiny-wall we only use Shared Drives, which is usually sufficient.

Home group for getting files from other computers/ NAS

2 options:

  • Create new homegroup
  • Join existing homegroup

Homegroup data must be update in the password store.
Old homegroup data into subfolder OLD.

Remote Access

Enable Remote Access to this computer.

3 Steps:

  1. Install VPN (we use Radmin VPN)
  2. Allow access for remote desktop via Control Panel and select:Allow connection from any version of Remote Desktop.
  3. Connect to the IP known from Radmin VPN:

Our IPs:

Elite Windows 8
 Use IP from VPN

Remote Desktop

Allow access for remote desktop via Control Panel.


and select:Allow connection from any version of Remote Desktop.

3) Connect to the IP known from Radmin VPN (see above)

Allow Remote Access inside TinyWall

Windows Firewall may block sometimes the remote access.

Solution: Install Tinywall, Allow access to Remote Desktop


Access currently only from Switzerland to Switzerland or from George’s travel Laptop to Switzerland.

Grant Easy Access to George.


Teamviewer Easy Access Option
Teamviewer Easy Access Option

- Click to enlarge

Network Shares

We use the network Share script from CM18

System Protection and Uninstaller Tool

Enable System Protection: Restore Points

We use restore points for the protection of the Windows system.

Still we do some backups of the whole partition.

How to do in Windows 10

In Windows 7 simply under control panel –> system.

Click on Configure and make sure that 5GB are available.


Enable System Protection
Enable System Protection

- Click to enlarge

Uninstaller Tool

The second part of protecting our installation is an Uninstaller Tool.

We use Revo Uninstaller, Version4.

Folder as of May 2019: H:\Sync\!Comp\DropboxFull\PortableApps

Set the options according to the screenshot:

  • Set the focus on “Traced Programs” window on startup
  • Make a System Restore Point before uninstall
  • Create a full Registry Backup before uninstall
  • Back up deleted Registry items
  • Forcibly stop running Executable files during their uninstall

So that we have:

  • Restore points and
  • Registry backups


Only most important ones:

  • Network (see above)
  • Chipset
  • Graphics
  • Audio


On the Lenovo Laptop we download the latest drivers here
or we get it from our drivers folders.

Serial Lenovo420S: R9CMFKT

Drivers George BG
Drivers George BG

- Click to enlarge

Portable Software

Portable Programs: Dropbox (do not install any more!) 

On the install one can copy all Software on an 8 GB USB stick for all the software and go to the computer.

For new computers, installations, we cannot use Dropbox any more.

We have 3 masters of PortableApps, from which we are installing portable software:

  • George BG
  • MediaPC
  • Elite

For all other Computers/Laptops we are using only the folder of PortableApps in our Dropbox. Portable Installations from PortableApps app are installing directly into our Dropbox and create a new folder called “portableapps”.


Portableapps Autostart

Software for Installation on Sync Cloud

We use sync.com and recently Pcloud on a drive H for all software that must be installed.
(still few is remaining because most software is portable, hence does not require an install).

The software we use for the mapping the drive can be:


Installed Software via Sync.com

When we use sync

  • Sync.com for all data and installation versions of the programs.
  • We use a new sync user with shared data.

If it is the first system installed, then you may copy sync.com files over the home group, based on an updated sync.com directory.

On a first install, you may just use the required sync folders (see image)

If we have already an existing parallel system (like another Windows installation), then make sure that it is up to date, too.


Required Folders


MyData Folders

We follow the checklist on the MyData Page

  • Remap the folders into the right sync.com folders –> see page V72 Scripts
  • Contacts
  • Documents
  • Favorites
  • Links
  • My Music
Windows 8 and  10 Groups

In both Windows 8 and Windows 10, we create groups to quickly access the programs. We pin them to start.

Hence we must move the programs from our programs folders into the same groups.


We put programs for Clouds and Files into the same group.
Graphics and Video programs into the same group.

Windows 10 Groups
Windows 10 Groups

- Click to enlarge

Antivirus and Firewall


We use Kasperky Antivirus, but we uninstall the VPN (via Revo).

We use Tinywall


Windows Update

We now need to check on Windows updates.

Our Windows CD might already includes certain updates.



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