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G136 Customer Problem

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Customer Problems

 2017-06-30: by Adeo Ressi

We go for big ideas to change the world. Humanity faces many challenges and great opportunities right now.

Entrepreneurs are the force of change within society. It is their passion and dedication that push us forward. They solve problems. They inspire people. They create jobs.

We don’t want good entrepreneurs. We want passionate people. We don’t want me-too ideas. We want real innovation.

Frontier Technology

Innovation can tackle some of the hardest problems facing humanity, ensuring our healthy and happy survival in an increasingly crowded and connected world.

  • Biotech and Healthcare
  • Space Exploration
  • Cleantech and Water
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Energy and Transportation


Social Innovation

Social innovation is needed to solve the growing inequity and injustice on the planet, providing an equal opportunity for all of humanity to thrive and prosper in safety.

  • Poverty and Starvation
  • Disenfranchised Minorities & Refugees
  • Education & Enhanced Learning
  • Housing and Urban Planning
  • Civic and Governance

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