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Video and Pics

Confluence into Posts Overview

Complex Solution

see the screen


Post Overview Confluence Table
P11 Post Overview Confluence Table

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Simple Solution

Add text field

  • Additional Info for team
  • Feedback for George



Moreinfo and Feedback
Moreinfo and Feedback

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Remove Category

Page Overview Remove Category

Video Link to Trello

Trello Summary: Empty

Remove Category Page Posts Overview

Video Link to Trello

Trello Sumamry: Empty

Order Number

Pages Overview Add order Number

Adding order number in pages, so we can easily order all pages in doc site. Lowest order number the page will shown upper in doc site menu.


  • M00 page to M09 –> order number from “00” to “100” (10, 20, 30, 40)
  • M10 page to M19 – order number from “10” to “19”
  • M20 page to M29 – order number from “20” to “29”

Pages Overview Add order Number
P12 Pages Overview Add order Number

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Category removing

Overview pages Category Remove

Page number decides which category we will use. There are always 2 category. First category is the page from the main menu, second and primary category is mother page of the page which we create/change. We must not remove any category, only adding new categories if it is necessary.

Overview pages Category Remove
P12 Overview pages Category Remove

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MoreInfo and Feedback

MoreInfo Field

New field in SNBCHF where team writes some of the stuffs from confluence. This field is replacement of confluence draft table.

  • Number Graphs
  • prio –> we can create automatic rules

Moreinfo and feedback
P11 Moreinfo and feedback

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Feedback Field

New field which is for George. He writes his feedback for post, if there are something special which he wants to be done.

Bulk Edit

Bulk Edit MoreInfo Feedback Missing

Bulk Edit MoreInfo Feedback Missing
Bulk Edit MoreInfo Feedback Missing

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Category (archive) page changes

  • We will have 3 different pages for every category (archive page):
  • One which will combine videos and posts – it will be the default category (archive) page with all posts and videos
  • We will also have filters: Show only videos / show only posts -> which will open a archive page with only filtered videos or posts



Where to put



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