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V97a Import Word Test

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Word with Pciture

Word Image

  • Step1: Import PDF Swiss Statistics, Pictet, into Word
  • Step2: Import Word into WordPress with Mamoth Doc Converter

Original PDF

In the original PDF as we can see on the screenshot on the right, the graph is after all 3 paragraphs.

PDF Attachment

Original PDF
M26c Original PDF

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Step1: Import PDF into Word

When we import the PDF into Word, we can see on the right side that the graph is imported at the middle of the first paragraph.

Word Attachment

Imported PDF into Word
M26c Imported PDF into Word

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Step2: Import Word to WordPress

When we import Word into WordPress, there is no graph/image. I have indicated where the graph should exist.

Link to Page where it got imported: Link

There is some sort of problem in plugin. Imports only text, without graphs/images.


Imported Word into Wordpress
Imported Word into Wordpress

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Step3: Make Tiny Table with Excel

Simply we select the cells which we want to copy and paste it into the WP page.

26.Jun.2017 578.2
03.Jul.2017 578.6
10.Jul.2017 578.7
17.Jul.2017 578.9
24.Jul.2017 578.9
31.Jul.2017 579.1
07.Aug.2017 578.6
14.Aug.2017 578.9
21.Aug.2017 579.5
28.Aug.2017 579.8
04.Sep.2017 579.2
11.Sep.2017 579
18.Sep.2017 579
25.Sep.2017 579.3
02.Oct.2017 579
09.Oct.2017 578.5
16.Oct.2017 578.5
23.Oct.2017 578.6
30.Oct.2017 578.5
06.Nov.2017 577.8
13.Nov.2017 577.5
20.Nov.2017 577.6
27.Nov.2017 577.4
04.Dec.2017 576.8
11.Dec.2017 575.9
18.Dec.2017 575.4
27.Dec.2017 574.6


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