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Definition from Wikipedia.

A permalink (portmanteau of permanent link) is a URL that points to a specific web page, often a blog or forum entry which has passed from the front page to the archives, or the result of a search in a database. Because a permalink remains unchanged indefinitely, it is less susceptible to link rot.


SNBCHF uses solely pages based on categories. We avoid dates because the content should always be up to date.

When the content is not up to date, we use a manually created archive structure (example 2).



Example 1, normal page: http://snbchf.com/snb/history-of-snb-sight-deposits/

Example 2, “archived” page: http://snbchf.com/snb/2014-snb/chf-appreciation-swiss-economy/

Example 3, Post: https://snbchf.com/snb/history-of-snb-sight-deposits/


Use of permalinks on snbchf.com

snbchf.com uses permalinks for three purposes:

  1. “Internal reference” inside the WordPress blog for blog posts and pages
  2. Provide the URL to Google and other search engines
  3. Archive the URL inside the internet archive (archive.org)

snbchf.com only uses pages.

Internal reference inside a WordPress blog

Wordpress does not use the full URL for its permalinks, but it maintains the internal linkage structure only with the page name. This is the part of the URL after the last slash “/”.

Posts:Needs to be clarified if WordPress uses a longer part of the URL.


Broken Links Tool on snbchf.com

We recently changed URL for old pages. Is the broken links tool affected?

Is a change of permalink negative for Google?

This is discussed in the following page.


Permalink as indefinite page store for search engines

Discuss Pro and Cons of technical permalinks



  • Categories and “speaking” URL is good for Google ranking


  • Archived Posts may lose their URL when the category structure is modied
  • Therefore it is better to use a technical URL, like snbchf.com/UTsfFYYlc  that is permanent.


Work-around to achieve both: ArchivedCats mapping plugin




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