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PRIV O99 Org Menu Cleanup

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Page no: O99

Videos and pics

Organisation Menu Change

  • Mother pages are created, create what is missing
  • Put everything under right mother page in Org menu
  • create tag for album for all pages under organisation
  • rename page number, if needed for all pages under org
  • Add all needed attributes for pages
  • George does a review
  • if OK, rename albums and videos
  • when red inside page –> MOVE videos to right page
  • when done, remove red text

Monthly Convert into Posts, Change Menu

Monthly are like posts. They are executed by a regular date, namely once a month. Therefore we posts.

  • Add subcategory monthly to all pages for monthly (Primary category)
  • Convert all monthly pages into post
  • Remove all biweekly and monthly pages and posts from menu
  • Menu, show subcat archive, name: Monthly
  • More content: Check which regular tasks are done monthly and add it

Order Archive under Organization

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