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CM83 File Associations

Page no: CM83


See the master table for File Types

It contains the associates that need to be configured.


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Set Associations

Step1: Set Associations

From here we can set associations, which means – which file with which program should open by default.

  • Open CM26 doc page –> https://doc.e-llusion.org/computer/software/file-associations
  • Open Set Associations –> Control Panel\Programs\Default Programs\Set Associations
  • Look at table for different formats with which software have to be open
  • When everything is done –> Export the configured Associations


Set Associations
Set Associations

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Set Associations via Default Browser

FireFox Portable is not default browser

  1. Assign HTM or HTML to Firefox Portable
  2. Check the box in Firebox.


Remark: Now using Vivaldi. Currently using one single installation for all computers

FireFox Portable Default
FireFox Portable Default

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Problem File without Association

The rar file does not know with which program should be open by default.

See table above: we use 7zip Portable
(alternative Winrar installed)

Problem File without Association
Problem File without Association

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Choose the Portable Programs

Have to choose the program with which we want to open the file. When we choose the program the file will be opened with the chosen program by default.

Solution Choose the Portable Programs
Solution Choose the Portable Programs

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Preview Handlers

See the preview handler page

Export/Import Associations


  • Export association file using the script which we created
  • Script location H:\Sync\$Software\(7)WinAdmin\FileAssoc
  • a new file will be generated with the name of the computer


  • Find the exported file from Elite
  • It is under H:\Sync\$Software\(7)WinAdmin\FileAssoc
  • Run it as administrator on George BG
  • See the result


Best tool to test is master seeker on H:\sync folder.

Choose one ending after the other and open the file.



Special test for clouds in the task bar.



Taskbar items did not open

After script the clouds did not open the browser.

Set the default browser (overriding the script data).


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