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I41 Greece Golden Visa

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Location Period
Crete April 14-19 C°
October 19-24 C°
December 12-18 C°
January 10-17 C°



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(via Nomad Capitalist)


Investment Possibilities


Value Details
Direct Real Estate Investment €250,000 direct real estate investment worth at least €250,000.

real estate investment company

€400,000 Put €400,000 into a real estate investment company that buys exclusively Greek properties (or buy its shares through a share-capital scheme)
capital equity company €400,000 Invest €400,000 in a capital equity company or an equity mutual fund (must be based in Greece)
Greek Government Bonds €400,000  

Buy €400,000 worth of Greek state bonds (maturity 3 years)


Money in a bank €400,000 Hold a deposit of €400,000 at a credit institution (minimum 12 months)
Greek Shares and Bonds €800,000  

Buy shares, corporate or state bonds worth €800,000


mutual fund €400,000 Invest €400,000 in a  that invests in shares, corporate or state bonds


Alternative Investment Organization €400,000 Buy €400,000 worth of shares in an  in Greece or another EU member-state that buys Greek real estate

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