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Proposal for basic and advanced mode

For FeedWordpress we need to divide the plugin to two different mods.

First one is Basic mode – mostly for our clients. They will have basic and easy functionality only to make changes in their working website or to setup easily a new feed.

Second one is called Advanced mode and will be for us and most advanced clients, which knows how the things works.



Current area Object Function name today Function Description Basic or Advance Future area = Object Future function name Comment
Posts Syndicated posts New posts What will be the status of new posts Basic Posts
Updated posts When update post, what should happend Basic
Links Permalinks point to Change link or keep original Basic Permalink Link changes
Formatting Relative URIs What to do with relative urls Advanced Permalink Relative links This can be removed and combined with Links

Syndicated Post, Links, Formatting
Syndicated Post, Links, Formatting

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Comments & Pings Comments To allow or not allow comments Advanced Comments
Pings To allow or not allow pings Advanced
Comment feeds What to do with comment feeds (for WordPress feeds only) Advanced
Custom Post Settings Custom Post Settings Custom meta fields Advanced Advanced Post Custom Meta Fields

Comments & Pings, Custom post settings
Comments & Pings, Custom post settings

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Custom Post Types Custom Post Types What will be the post type of the new post Advanced Custom Post Type Setup Custom Post Type
Additional actions on Posts Remove HTML from Post If you want to remove a not necessary html code Advanced Advanced actions on content Remove HTML
Link filter This is when you want to change something in the URLs. Advanced Permalink actions
Expire Posts You can choose what will be the life of the posts. Advanced Expiration of Posts
Image Filter Here you can download and resize images Advanced Image actions
Remove Keywords from Post Here you can remove text from posts. Advanced Remove Keywords

Custom post types, Additional Actions on posts
Custom post types, Additional Actions on posts

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