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M999 Media menu Cleanup

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Page no: M999
Video and Pics

Final solution


M0x: Media inside WP
M1x: CDN/Media outside WP
M2x: Media via FeedWP
M3x: Files & their Backup   –> This is pcloud, backup, sync of files and Anti-Twin
M4x: Videos



Re-organize Media menu (first time)


M31, M11 –> Same thing Duplicate Images –> M20, M21

O30 –> M30: Pcloud
O40 –> M40: Vimeo

M30 –> M20: Media via FeedWP

M15 –> M40
O40 –> M41
O41 –> M42

Albums Media:

M0x: Media inside WP
M1x: CDN and external images (outside WP)
M2x: Media via FeedWP
M3x: Pcloud
M4x: Vimeo


1) Rename folder on pcloud, Put videos into right folders
2) Rename on vimeo: albums, video names
3) Rename pages

Clean up Performance videos and Media Folder

  • Move all performance videos with media library quick edit into M02a
  • Move all CDN related problems into M06
  • Merge Performance snbchf page with Performance ecoblogs, keep it under Other Design D50, this is general site performance
  • Keep ecoblogs performance only for problems with the feed, Rename page into Feed performance F08
  • Organize Media into albums
  • Order images into albums
  • Upload Vimeo videos and albums
  • Move videos into right pages

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