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St30 Scanning (mig)

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Quick Description Full Description
Step 1 Scan to Searchable PDF Scan with resolution 600×600 to searchable PDF
Target folder: Z:\!In\Scan
Step 1b
Convert to PNG Using File Converter to convert all new PDFs into PNG
This allows a quicker preview, it also avoids the issue that one cannot delete the PDF file, because it is in use.
Step 2 Move PDFs to Ordering Move Z:\!in\!Ordering
if required use a subfolder
Step 2b
Use two folder PNG inside Scan folder, PDF inside Ordering folder
Use PNG for quick preview
Step 3 Rename PDF based on content Rename without date,
use just the year of reference (e.g. Tax 2018). The Dropit rule will add the year and month of the file.
Step 3b
Delete PNG again Once the PDF are all renamed, we can delete the PNG again.
Step 4 File Date Corrector Run File Date Corrector on the folder, so that PDF obtain the right date.
This will set the creation or modified date to the date when a picture or a PDF was created.Alternatively one can use %DateTaken% in Dropit.
This, however, may lead for some files types to empty dates, like 1/1/1970.
When switching to %DateTaken% consider editing the dropit config files.
Step 5 Dropit rules Write Dropit rules for the keywords in the files. This will add the year and the month to the files.
For *bike*;*brake*
Rename to
See more for _Private