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Video and pics

Test Mobile SNBCHF with new Widget


What do u think of the category image?


It is not possible to set image on the widget. The widget takes category image from category.


What do u think of number posts?


They are so many, we set them to 8 instead of 15, to show day and a half, because the widget is too large.

New mobile widget


New FX Rates Tool from Investing

We use a widget from It has a GUI with all of the settings.

Widget from investing

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  1. This video is about content widget, which is broken on and shows all subpages, not the subpages from the parent page only.
  2. This video is about our Related Pages plugin and improving it. We need to show related pages on all pages.

It is fixed. It was a different settings of the widget, which caused the problem.

We change template on all page where have subpages.


Configure Sidebar same as Main Page area

There is differences between Sidebar sidebar and Main Page area



We setup different widget areas for homepage and rest pages, so we are more flexible and can show different content on the different pages.


We make the widget areas the same on homepage and rest.


HomePage widgets
P51 HomePage widgets

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Sidebar widgets
P51 Sidebar widgets

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