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S38 PromoteAuthor-Tools Project

George Morgan
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Financial Investors in Switzerland

Sell Investing Consultancy


Maximize Automation (under costs considerations)

Input Side into WordPress


Feed Object Team Effort Output on WP Automation Status Effort
Plain HTML Text / Cornerstone Copy the cornerstone article Out of scope
(can copy)
RSS Text Implemented
RSS Audio Implemented
RSS Video Implemented
Youtube API Videos (Youtube API, automatic loading) New Before Go-Live
Youtube API Videos keywords-based New Before Go-Live
Amazon API Book Book Posts Need Application
Linked API Author (biography) Authorbox
Linked API Linkedin Author Feed
Twitter API Author (biography) Open
Twitter API Author Twitter Feed
Youtube API Author/Channel (about) Authorbox Feasible –>
Other FX Daily automatized Less work for team Embed the latest economic graphs: Where to get
Investing does not have it.
Tiny Tables Automatically Less work for team
Tag-based Linking Tag links to different page that pays money (affiliate links)
Choosing Posts Team as Editor
Testing Team as Tester

Output Side into Social Media

Output from WordPress into social media


Feed Implemented via Status
Twitter Social Autoposter Bug
Twitter: Retweet IFTT Needs upgrade for more retweets.
Twitter –> Facebook IFTT / Facebook API No Verification Needed, but paid
Facebook Facebook API Verification Needed
Instagram IFTT / Facebook API
Instagram Facebook API

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