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PRIV Y17 Regenerate Attributes

Page no: Y17

We have introduced a functionality that can regenerate missing or wrong attributes for imported posts.


  • Meta description
  • Meta title
  • Meta keywords
  • Title
  • Excerpts
  • Keywords
  • Featured image

How does regenerate posts work?

We take the posts one by one and regenerate their attributes.

Why are the attributes on SNBCHF for imported posts missing?

Case: Marc Chandler

But they are there on Macro.economicblogs

Is the regeneration algorithm different on SNBCHF and on ecoblogs?

We would like to have the code be part of the syndication plugin tools.
So it must work on any website.

Where is the code located?
Is the code source-specific, i.e. special code for this particular feed.

Why is the bio missing on SNBCHF for posts and it is not missing on ecoblogs?


How to regenerate: Which syndic tools functions, simply reload

Object How to regenerate
Meta description Can be regenerate, done
Meta title Can be regenerate, not done yet
Meta keywords Can be regenerate. But it is not needed, Google does not consider MK as important meta tag
Title Can’t be regenerate. Will mess up FeedWordpress.
Excerpts Can be regenerate, done
Keywords It is the same as Meta Keywords
Featured image Can be regenerate


Restore Excerpt without HTML overrides newly created longer excerpts.

problem When I have already generated longer excerpts, the function Restore Excerpt without HTML would override the longer excerpts. At the least, the preview shows it.

Check first if the excerpt is an HTML.



 Date range includes the date range of books



The selected date range includes the ones of books, but it should consider only posts, when posts got selected.



The date range should only look of posts of the selected category.

: A certain reload is needed.


Post Type Video are not found

The post type video are not found for syndication tools

Example: Fintool on ecoblogs.ch

Should find also this post type.







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