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  1. Hot Linking Protection

We will a new option inside the syndication tools to fix hot linking.

Hot link protection disables the direct linking of WordPress images into a different WP site.

1) How we use hot linking and that we do not want it

We can use hotlinking protection using plugin for it. For example – Hotlinking protection. inside the HTACCESS File. The main problem is that if we enable hotlinking protection, we risk to lost all our image traffic. We will stop google bot to link our images into Google Images.

Hot Linking Protection


The protection of hot linking can help us when we have troubles with our server. When many images are hotlinked into other sites, they makes us traffic and when the traffic from different sites are huge, our site start loading slower. And when we don’t have free resource, our server will stop working. This is caused by hotlinking images into other sites. We have to monitor that and avoid, when we find problem with that.

We use CDN. In this case the traffic is not directed to our site.


The hot linking is also link byte (or link building). Hot linking protection is not good for google image search.

[9:31:38 AM] T Niko: link bite (not link byte sorry) is when we get links natually, without making anything
[9:31:52 AM] T Niko: link bite is a way of making link building



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