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Existing subcategories:

  • 6a) Gold & Bitcoin
  • 6b) Austrian
  • 7a) Government Bonds
  • 7b) Instruments
  • 7c) Oil & Commodities
  • 7d) Real Estate
  • 7е) Weekly Price Movements

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Number Name Authors moved to category Widget Created Example Author with published posts Whole author or only some videos
6a Gold existing
6b Austrian existing
6c Bitcoin&Blockchain many YES Thomas der Sparkojote only bitcoin
Lars Erichsen only bitcoin 
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and move posts for any author?
9a Buy and Hold 12 YES Finanzfluss, Finanztip  
9b Active Trading & Options 2 Currently Videos Smart Alpha, Sparkojote  
9c Stock Picking & Dividends 2 YES Florian Günther, Mario Lüddemann  
9d Fund and Hedge Funds 4 YES Philipp Vorndran, Markus Elsässer  
9e Day Trading 4 YES André Stagge, Marcus Klebe  
9f Mindset and Investing 2 YES Robert Kiyosaki, Valentina von Minimal Frugal  
9g Technical Analysis 0 NO Currently no authors


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