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Video and pics

Dubbing Techniques

MVO – Multi Voice Over – it means that there are multiple Russian speaking voice actors who talk on top of the original language soundtrack. This is important because in the old days of the USSR, films were done as voice overs like this usually with only ONE voice actor speaking ALL the parts.

DVO – Dual Voice Over – one man does all the male parts and one woman does all the female parts and they speak in Russian on top of the original soundtrack.

There’s a great deal of affection still in the ex-USSR for this nonsense of voice overs like back in the old days when Soviet citizens would watch a film with the Russian soundtrack done with one Russian speaker or two or more who talked on top of the original soundtrack, which you could still hear. I don’t understand it at all.

Most international films are now professionally dubbed into Russian rather than this voice over stuff so the whole idea is nostalgic to Russians. They actually have people who make money selling voice over dubs for various foreign (usually American) movies on the internet and those with the technical skills can put the voice over tracks to the video and watch the films that way. I’ve got some examples of old movies done this way and I hate it. So that’s the explanation.


Format and Subtitles

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