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A design requirement for Tweetily is enable multi-user tweeting on one single WordPress DB.

In this post we present two alternatives:

  • Hootsuite
  • The extension of Tweetily to several authors


Video and pics


Overview of Alternatives


Embedded Timelines

See the special page on embedded timelines



Mutiple people tweet from same account.

But also retweet based on different criteria.

Demo here


Multiple lanes with

  • multiple authors / Twitter lists
  • subject-based tweets (e.g. hashtags)
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Twittily for Multi-Author

We can make our rss to have unique url for every author. He will create a new account into hootsuite, after that he will add his profile accounts and choose where he wants to share (on his timeline, on his facebook page, on his twitter account and etc.). After that he adds his unique rss and that’s it.
The rss will show different articles on every refresh. Hootsuite will think that all the content is new and will add one new post. Next time again and again. We can change the settings how often the hootsuite bot checks our rss. The good think is that we will stop support tweetily plugin. All we only have to do is to make custom rss and tell which content to be shown. But it will be super powerful. We can set different category on different social accounts and many other things.

All twitilly information can be viewed Twittily bugs here.


Twitilly and the other networks

Twitter have option to add different social profiles (ex. Facebook) and twitter automatically will post the new tweet into the rest of the profiles. We will continue using the twitilly and all the new functionality will be from Twitter.



Reference: Connect Twitter with FB

Hootsuite Details

With Hootsuite we can easily post one message at same time. We also can choose from many different networks – Facebook, LinkedIn, Google +, Twitter.




We also can choose where we should post the content – on which profile or page. 2
We also can add our RSS and setup it to check it every 1h and post one new content. rss
rss 2
rss 1
rss 3
Reference: Setup your RSS rss4

About Page

Video name: MultiAuthor Tweet About Page

Video Link to Trello

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Twittily and all the authors

The easiest way for all of the authors is to make different twitilly plugin for all different authors. We will just clone twitilly and change the settings, so the twitilly will get only his posts.

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