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T52 Author Attribute Questions

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Explanation Pics

User with Fews Posts

as explained in the video, we do not take authors with little number posts.


Multiple Authors

Twitter is not retweeting authors

Twitter is missing for authors

First I wonder if multiple authors really have many posts (see case above). If so then take Twitter of one of the two authors.




Copy Twitter from Single Author to Multi Author

Example: Joseph Gagnon and one of his colleagues

Step1: Order authors alphabetically

Step2: When you find twitter for one author (e.g. Joseph Gagnon)

Step3: Copy Twitter to Multi-Author Joseph Gagnon and Mati Sardenbayev



There are authors which are publishing posts once each 5 months.
Please do not put an image for each author. You must differentiate the different cases here.

Team Authors

There are authors like Blog Team, different authors are writing posts, under one user, which is again multiple authors.


This is an author that stands for the whole blog. So make sure that there is a biography, this is the description of the whole blog.

Same for LvMID, make sure that there is a biography for Mises Germany

Also make sure that you have right displayed user name:

  • Mises Germany and NOT LvMID
  • Name of the blog and NOT Blog Team



Author in Our Blog, such as Dummy
Author in Our Blog, such as Dummy

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Team Authors on original blog

When you go to the original site, you may see different authors.

Some Authors behind Blog Team
Some Authors behind Blog Team

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Authors without information

What does this mean, John, even in their site (link), from which we are taking the post is just John and does not have any information.

John’s information, unknown

Who's John
Who's John

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Authors without own Twitter

Some authors like David Gordon, do have their own Twitter. Take the twitter of their company, hence the one of @mises.
Write “took company twitter” into User Comment.



Whole Blogs without Biography 

Make sure that main author of a whole blog has a biography.

Search: Author name inside Twitter

if there are many with same name, then search on internet





Search: with name of the blog and his name

Another blog contains his twitter.


Video name: Author Attributes Missing

Explanation: Twitter is not tweeting authors, because we are missing their twitter as author attribute.

Find information about the author:

  • Bio
  • My site
  • Real Email
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Sales Page

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