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Step Status Folders and Options Comment and screens


Computer Elite i5 Win8
Nov 12, 2020
Computer Elite i7
Nov 12, 2020

Windows 16GB OK
Prgs 16GB
Users 6.1 GB
of which Admin 5.8
Total 46GB
  Windows 19 GB
Prgs 17 GB
Program Data 7GB
PageFile 7GB
Kaspersky Quarantine folder 6GB
Users 1.6GB
1. Disk Cleanup i5 Win8
i7 win8 C
i7 win7 H

220MB 420mb  
1a. Disk Cleanup System Files i5 win8 
i7 win8 C
i7 win7 H
7.54GB  7.6GB  
2 Empty Folders i5 win8
i7 win8 C
i7 win7 H
3. Ccleaner i5 win8
i7 win8 C
i7 win7 H
After cleanup of empty folders on G Drive 2.7GB 700mb  
3a basic clean i5 win8
i7 win8 C
i7 win7 H
213 temp+Trash    
3b. custom clean i5 win8
i7 win8 C
i7 win7 H
FireFox: 350mb    
3c. Application Caches and Files i5 win8
i7 win8 C
i7 win7 H
see Ccleaner page
For Firefox, Chrome (this is Yandex), Vivaldi

  • Internet Cache
  • Cookies
  • Crash Reports
  • Download History
  • Session …. Passwords
  • ….  Compac
Passwords only in

  • Chrome (Yandex)
  • Thunderbird
3d. Ccleaner additional Windows i5 win8 
i7 win8 C
i7 win7 H
4. Revo4 Junk files cleaner i5 win8 
i7 win8 C
i7 win7 H
*.old;*.tmp;Thumbs.db; *.dmp (file dumps);*.dat certain dat files, some caches,.bak files,~ Thumbs, some caches,
.bak files, ~files, .old files
might need to login into each system
40mb 400mb  
5. Revo Data on C


i5 win8 
i7 win8 C
i7 win7 H
Revo Data must be on G 1.1gb 1.1gb
6. Windir Stat
7a Vivaldi Extensions


i5 win8  C:\prgs\portableapps\Vivaldi\User Data\Profile 2\
Local Extension Settings
for all profiles and all installation
550mb 550mb
7b Yandex Extensions


i5 win8  C:\prgs\portableapps\Yandex\Data\DataUser\Profile George\Local Extension Settings
for all profiles and all installation
8. prgs



i5 win8  C:\prgs\portableapps Duplicate Files
like (1) files from Google Sync
8a. big data files inside prgs


see regular Revo Uninstaller taskSynchronize dir with G:\drive\AdditionalApps\Revo4\Data\
9. C:\folder

pagefile and recovered files

  h:\pagefile, same for i and j –> into ccleaner (not c)

c,h,i,j  –> :\recovery folder –> into ccleaner
c,h,i,j  for:\found.000
:\found.001 –> into ccleaner

do tasks on system settings
for each system

3 GB
10. Win8 users Folders and Win7 users folders


  c:\users\Admin–>AppData–>Local 670mb
11. Program Files


  C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\Installer2
move into g: program settings \Nvidia Done
1.3 GB
10a. Yandex Application old versions


1.2gb TOTAL

2 old versions = 600mb

12. Windows folder



do tasks on CM05


13. Disable hibernation i5 win8 
i7 win8 C
i7 win7 H
see Cm15


14. Dedicated Dump File do later see this page and

and this page



 Video and Pics

  • no space on computer
  • Dropbox not working
  • Computer might crash


Windows Disk Cleanup

Run “Disk Cleanup” for Windows and include system files.


Did not delete the 2.19 GB indicated in screenshot.




Disable Windows Functions

We can disable certain Windows functions that take a lot of space.

  • Hibernation
  • Windows Search
  • Windows Messenger


Disable Hibernation:

  1. Click Start, and then type cmd in the Start Search box. …
  2. In the search results list, right-click Command Prompt or CMD, and then click Run as Administrator.
  3. When you are prompted by User Account Control, click Continue.
  4. At the command prompt, type powercfg.exe /hibernate off, and then press Enter.


Explore Space

Use TuneUp Utilities or WindirStat

Solve Problems


Users folder –> Local contain pcloud folder, contains a lot of cached data

This video describes the TuneUp Space Explorer.

Delete Unnecessary Files:

Empty recycle bin and log files


  • How to cleanup
  • How to run TuneUp Tools Cleanup Disk
  • TuneUp Utilities has to be locally installed
  • We don’t have portable version
  • We are using now WinDirStat



Space Explorer: What to Delete


VIdeo Link to Trello


TuneUp Space Explorer.

The video shows which files are candidates for deletion:

  • Big logs created by GoodSync
  • C:\Users\George\AppData\Roaming\GoodSync
  • Where to move the files
  • Move into S:/Software
  • —- Folders/files to delete/move
  • C:\Users\George\Downloads –> move under software in pcloud (P:\SyncComp\#software)
  • C:\Sync Base Software\Windows –> Delete
  • C:\Latest Sprint –> if anything, move into pcloud (P:\SyncTeam\$team\!Latest Sprint\!team)
  • C:\xampp\htdocs –> backup file –> delete (not the whole folder)


User Folders on Windows 7




Location, main Folder ……………………………………  Folder………………… Size
User Profile:
Apple Computer itunes Cache.db   into CCleaner
Cache   into CCleaner
Citrix 3.9MB Used, do not delete, can be
(Coronic) 130MB Deleted by George, used by
Postfinance Browser
Crash Dumps 2MB into Ccleaner
CrashRpt into Ccleaner
Google Drive 728 MB Needed
IceCream Needed
Kingsoft Needed
Microsoft Edge 238MB 19mb Uninstall
Microsoft-Media Player Art Cache 350mb into CCleaner –> we cannot delete folders with ccleaner, only caches, thumbs etc, why that?


Transcoded Files Cache into CCleaner
DB 173MB Do not delete
Microsoft-Windows AppCache into CCleaner
Caches into CCleaner
Temporary Internet into CCleaner
Web.Cache 33MB 34MB into CCleaner
Web.Cache.old 33MB 34MB into CCleaner
Mozilla Firefox-Profile Do NOT delete
Pcloud Files 534MB 673MB Do NOT Delete: Pcloud DB
Temp into CCleaner
Sync.Logs Look which processes/services are running,
(Thunderbird) 71MB less than 1MB old Thunderbird Dir, deleted by George
(Vivaldi) less than 1MB we use portable version, deleted by George
Yandex  2.2GB    Need all profiles?
          Profile1-6 Cache 200MB 201MB see ccleaner page
DigitalVolcano 1.1GB
Apple Computer iTunes-Cookies 6MB into CCleaner
Logs-CrashReporter 168MB into CCleaner
Dropbox Not used, deleted by George
Kingsoft 198MB 176MB
cache 1,5MB 2MB into Ccleaner
VTRoot 1.7GB Disable Sandbox in Comodo

Trello Task


User Folders on Windows 8: not done



User Profile:
Folder… Size
Elitei5 Comment
Please put the full path here into the table
You use Windir Stat —> go to folder —> Copy Path
Apple Inc iCloudPhotoLibrary 67 MB   Uninstall ICloudPhoto
GitHubDesktop   Uninstall under Win8
Google Chrome 500MB   Deleted, install with Revo if you can find it
into Ccleaner
Drive 1.0GB    
Update 2 MB    
Kingsoft   should run only Portable
Moved into
P:\..\$software\(4) Installed Prg Backup
Microsoft/Windows Edge 19MB   install with Revo if you can find it
Explorer 1.2GB  200 MB Delete with IClearIconCache Tool
or deleted manually from parallel system
(add this program into portable Apps)
PRICache, InetCache,AppCache, webcache 10MB   into CCleaner
Media Player.old 130MB   delete
C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Media Player.old
into Ccleaner
Mozilla FireFox Profiles 16 MB    
Packages   do not delete, data will return
Pcloud Cache 5 GB!!    into Ccleaner
must also log into Win7 and change pcloud cache location
Programs Signal Desktop 363 MB    Force it portable —> into c:\portableapps\Signal
Sync.Logs   Deleted
Yandex YandexBrowser\User Data 2.2 GB   Moved profiles1-3 into
SageThumbs.db 155 MB
Signal Desktop Update 115 MB
User: AppData


IcloudDrive 404 MB Deleted
Microsoft Win Iconcache  
Edge 16MB  


Program Files


Ndivia Corporation Installer2 1.3 GB Uninstall GFE, Delete Folder
  • Different log files, e.g. from GoodSync
  • Download Folder -> Better use Base Software or Additional Software Folder on Pcloud
  • Base Software is synched into the C drive –> Do not delete (Later we use Dropbox)

Folders Cleanup

File Cleanup In Folders

Video Link to Trello


  • George has drive partitions for cleanup
  • S:\Documents –> always when moving files, put them in Documents In folder
  • S;\Docbackup
  • S:\Mail
  • S:\Photo –> always when moving files, put them in Photos In folder
  • S:\Software –> which contains software files
  • GoodSync logs goes into Software Partition under folder !Logs
  • S:\Software\!Logs
  • S:\Series
  • S:\Movie –> contains movies
  • S:\Video –> contains videos, when moving files put them under Videos In
  • When cleaning up a disk for space
  • Move things into right Partition which is related for

Thunderbird Space Problems

(Video: not useful any more)

Thunderbird Profile Data on Local Drive

Local disk, SSD, is full. PCloud not working, when Thunderbird is started. We were still using Thunderbird portable.

Thunderbird Profile Data like IMAP Mails are stored on a local drive.

Remove IMAP Files from local drive.
Delete one Thunderbird account completely.
Move IMAP Files to Pcloud.
Delete big files like filter log.

WinSXS Removal

Local drive (55GB) is too small. Plcoud and Thunderbird not working.

Thunderbird Profile is on local drive.

Move Thunderbird Profile to a different drive. Move files temporarily to Cloud.

Other reasons:

  • WinSXS taking too much space (Windows update storage).

Thunderbird Filter Log too large

Thunderbird message rules creates massive logs for filters.




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