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S61 Monthly Plan

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Monthly Plan



Satellite Site Plan Details KPI
Original Plan
  • Spinning for both SEO Company and small client
  • GUI only for SEO Company
  • Product: Spinning 1M (easy)
  • Product: GUI 1M
  • Channel: Website 1M
  • Client: Contacting 1M
March Fully functioning content generator software (beta)

Decision which customer base to focus on (FI to help)
 Fully working company /landing page ( FI to help)
  • pricing table
  • company name /branding
    Increase Twitter inaction with authors (customers)
    Launch a Prove of concept, find client for POV.

Increase Twitter interactions with authors

Twitter interactions with potential clients / authors: 10 per day.
May Become an export in SEO (or team member)
Obtain 5-10 clients (special pricing,)=
Develop a compelling company video (FI to help)
  • Cold contact potential clients /Sales agent
3 paying authors
June Improve our SEO of our Website (external SEO)
Use our techniques to improve of our company site
Blogs: SEO Blogs
Keyword: Backlink
5 new SEO clients at special price
5 paying authors
August Marketing: on going


  • Continue to advertise our product
  • Continue to make cold contact
  • Do sales

SEO ranking for our site

October Premature SEO results are available using our






December Extend Customer base

  • Improve the beta project and fix all existing bugs
  • Introduce a GUI and a wizard
  • This will give us opportunity to contact different auditory – SEO and Marketing agencies


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