PRIV R54 Categories Cleanup

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Video and Pics

Widget Rename

  • Part of Change Category: keep here. R54

Category Swiss, European Macro renamed inside Widget
Category Swiss, European Macro renamed inside Widget

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Confluence Table

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Feed WP Change Category


Feed Specific categories
R53 Feed Specific categories

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Change Category in Menu

  • Categories names are renamed automatically


Menu Rename of what? need to know the action!
Menu Rename

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Rename Category inside Menu
R53 Rename Category inside Menu

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Menu Renamed Automatically
R53 Menu Renamed Automatically

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Should we eliminate Subcategories?

We have so many categories and subcategories. Should we eliminate some of them?
(Option a):

Set Main Category as Primary Category when we load

Difficulty: Two levels of subcategories
But we do it already with the widgets



(Option b):

2) Remove all subcategories that are for a single person

–> SNB, Negative Rates
Change Feeds –> assign to main category

We do this already for Swiss Macro

Anyway we have author archives.

Why would need author-specific categories?

 Put video here


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