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D65 Gandi

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Gandi: Domains and Zones

Gandi is one of the biggest domain providers. We work in three steps:

Step 1: Buy or transfer domain

Here the domains for the Gandi client of economic blogs:

Gandi Economic Blogs

Step 2: Associate first a zone with the domain

Change Zones File

Step 3: Edit zone

The following is economicblogs.org with the associated zone.

Gandi Zone Economicblogs

Gandi Zone Economicblogs

Gandi Publishing Change Password for Accounts

Gandi Plishing Change Password for Accounts
O75 Gandi Plishing Change Password for Accounts

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2FA Gandi

  • Changed to Duo Mobile: Problem, we can use only one
  • Smartphone Auth: Tab A at home
  • backup codes in Keepass E-llusion 2019.12 and as file
  • Niki to test a backup code
  • Secret file is not used anymore –> delete secret file
  • Verified you data
  • — Change 2FA
  • Disable and Enable TOTP again
  • https://account.gandi.net/en/users/ellusion/security/totp/recovery-codes
  • —- on the mobile
  • Delete old entry in Duo Mobile
  • Add new entry to Duo Mobile

2FA on Gandi
2FA on Gandi

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