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PRIV R23 Caption, ALT Text

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Copy here all from Trello  list “Caption Alt Text” in tiny tables format.

The attachments come from the cards.

add the videos from video input page R10V. If they are not uploaded add them from pcloud

Control the tasks and correct errors, when we changed the way we work.

Example Card —- Caption — is a  chapter (H3)


“Caption must be short text”

If text is longer then move out of caption into text under image. Use Italic font for this.

Caption is Short text

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Acting Man puts the caption as normal text.

Usually we put it under the image (when tiny tables). We may also put it as normal text.

But there is also Photo credit:
This must be always in the caption under the photo.

Caption in text

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Caption: Move from Post into media, add source name, URL

If the post has a caption then move into the media.
Write the source name and the source link.

You can write the source name even if the source URL is empty (there is a bug)


Continued thoughts on media functionalities.

How to copy the caption from media into the post. It should be only displayed.

Questions remain: How can see the caption inside the WordPress posts editor. Seeing the caption helps us to write the post.

Move from Post into media, add source name, URL

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(December 12)

Caption Bug Bonner


(October 25)

Person name in caption and in ALT Text

Write name as caption and ALT text in our media popup. You often find the person name inside the post text

Person name in caption and in ALT Text

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People name and Auto-correction

Use the auto-correction to English. –> see image attached

This helps you to find mistake in spelling.

  • Names will give mistakes in spelling, so it helps you to find names
  • Sometimes the graphs may have spelling mistakes. When you enter ALT text, then look on the the red lines.


ALT Text

Movies and Alt text

(November 03)

Editing ALT Text in Media instead Post

The following video shows our media functionalities and how ALT text is propagated into the post.
It is not visible in the WordPress posts editor but only propagated into the source of the post. And thanks to that available for Google image indexing.
We edit ALT text only in the media library, not in the post.It also shows a bug with the author of the media. It is always set to Adam Kritzer (first by alphabet).

(September 30)

Alt Text needs full information: copy from inside image or from caption


Hence in the media title, the question is WHAT?

more details come in the alt text: the years, the measurement (like in USD or in percent)

Two examples:

ALT Caption in Media Library2
ALT Caption in Media Library2

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ALT Caption in Media Library



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