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RSS Type:

  • Excerpt,
  • Full Content,
    If this not full content, we use the RSS Grabber to obtain full content.

The Syndication plugin imports the text of RSS Feeds into posts on our DB.


Type of Content


Posts: Excerpt or full content

Youtube: Full content (no grabber needed)

Trello:: Full content

Links and Link  Categories


Each blog has a link and a RSS feed for it. A multi-user blog might have multiple links (depends if they have differrent RSS) We will manually import the authors into a base WordPress DB that shall be used for all 8 other subdomains DBs


Which fields must be filled:

  1. Name
  2. Web Address
  3. RSS




Posts, Trello, Youtub

e, Twitter: Need Link = Feed URL = RSS




Link Categories

We have 8 link categories (not post categories!!) are here. They correspond to 8 subdomains.



Use link categories for posts, videos, Trello cards.
Currently used: Contributors (only)

Link Name

We use a naming convention for the links.




Import sources 

Does this work?

Requirement: Choice to Enable or Disable the data import from RSS Feed, into posts.

Important Requirement: When a user clicks on a post we will open it inside our DB as post and not relink directly to the other blog.

For all the base data will be the same.





Syndication Plugin


Full Feed: https://syndication.economicblogs.org/wp-content/plugins/youtube_video_loader/youtube_load_data.php?key=AIzaSyDVA33oi6qWnvTO-6-hg2YgSdpmg3k-_eY&q=Homo%20Oeconomicus&type=video,channel,playlist


Configuration in Syndication plugin

This is done in the “Syndicated sites” section.

Images in the post

Requirement: Images in the post should appear, as in the original.

Input posts and videos, cards, tweets


the input single posts and videos do not have URLs
Trello: URL for card exists
Twitter: URL for the tweet



Assign Post to different author

The following example shows how all content from a feed is assigned to one and the same user.

Since, we focus on authors, we use this functionality, when we are sure that it is a one-author-blog. But even in this case this author should exist already.

Hence we will never use this functionality.




Auto-Creation of Authors (users)


The auto-creation procedure obtains the author name from the rss feed and add it as new user. The role of the user is contributor. It auto generates the username from his First and Last name.

It also generates the email in format: [email protected].

We can choose on which author to be added all of the posts from the current blog. The plugin is able to match the authors automatically and if the author is already created, to assign his posts.

We should not use auto-generated authors (we do this often on Ecoblogs)

auto creation

Unmatched Authors

We also can add needed authors and all unmatched authors can be assigned to another (unknown). We also can choose to create the same authors in our site, too. This will be done automatically.

Autocreate Author

Multiple Authors for one WordPress user

We have no problem with multiple authors for one blog, that each write different posts.

But we cannot identify if one post has multiple authors. They will be treated as one author.

Post Title

Title of PostRequirement: Set Title= <title> ( RSS) 

Title: Configuration in Syndication plugin

This is a core function from Syndication plugin and it is already set up by default. 

Same for PostTitle, Video Title, Trello Cards, Twitter text


URL/Permalink of the Post

Example Requirement:

We shorten the title of the RSS post using stop words plugin.

Set URL (post) = e.g. Austrian.economicblogs.org/TomWoods/date/Shortened_Title

This is Once-off configuration the general URL for any WordPress blogs

Settings -> Permalink

 Initially we had issues with the Permalink. Full Details on the problem and the problem is here.

Posts, Videos: Shortened Title

Card: Even if URL exists, we use shortened Title (via stop words)

Tweets: I must short text in addition to stop words


Requirement: Set Excerpt (post) = <Excerpt> 


Excerpt Configuration in Syndication plugin

As for Core WP, an empty excerpt in the RSS results in a number of words the post starts with. This number can be configured.

As we know the imported posts are the same as normal WordPress posts. The excerpt is generated automatically by WordPress.


Requirement:  Tags (Post) = Tags (RSS Entry)

Hence we recreate the same tags as the original post.



Tags Configuration in Syndication plugin

The following configuration shows how import tags and how we create new tags if we cannot match the category.
Since we use the blog name as category, our categories will never match the categories of the RSS Teaser.


Later we might use tools to add missing tags, like the Yoast tool for tags.

Syndication: Choose tags

Posts, Videos: use from original

Trello Cards: Custom fields
Tweets: no tags


How to exclude feed from creating Tags

1) Open Syndication
2) Then Choose “Categories & Tags”
3) From the select menu you must choose the feed you want
4) Then you unmark “Tags” in Match feed categories
5) Choose ” Don’t create any matching terms” on Unmatched categories
6) Unmark “Tags” in Match inline tags:
7) Choose “Don’t create any matching terms” in Unmatched inline tags
8) Then save

Exclude Feed from Creating Tags
Exclude Feed from Creating Tags

- Click to enlarge

Default tags for Feeds

A default tag can add the author or name of the feed to the posts.

Syndication: Category functions


Ecoblogs: The category of the post will be the name of the blog.

In SNBCHF we map the posts to the category.


Categories Configuration in Syndication plugin

This is Once-off configuration.

We have very powerful tool for choosing, creating and matching categories, based on the feed name. We can do almost everything with them. We can match their categories with ours. We also can add our owns of the feed. The main advantage is that we can map their categories with ours.

Posts: Do category mapping, see above.
Videos: Currently default category: Video mapping.


Subcategory of the Post and multiple authors

Requirement: Sub-category := first name, name of the author (only ecoblogs)

On SNB we use a so-called Feed Category (sub-category of main category).


 An automatic creation has not been implemented yet
Link to trello Task
Posts: Feedcategory and maybe new author category (created automatically)Feed category to be used also for Videos

SEO Fields

SEO: Meta Title and MetaDescription

Requirement: Set Meta Title (Post) = MetaTitle (RSS Entry) (if it exists, else Title) + ” ” + Author First Name + ” ” +  Last Name

Requirement: Set Metadesc=left$(Teasertext, 156)

Realization: SEO plugin by Yoast

The SEO plugin by Yoast does this by default. We not need to set up custom title. The SEO plugin had this functionality. We also can change the template of the title. So it is Currently economic blogs is configured, I think it is not necessary.


Generation same for all.

Publishing of the imported posts

The status can be chosen, so we are able to edit them before and give some comments inside the post text.

 Syndicated Posts

SNB status: Draft
Ecoblogs status: Published.


Manual Editing:

When you manually edit post which comes from Syndication Plugin, you always should set this checkbox (see the image).

Because of that all of the shortcodes and other filters inside the edited posts are not working.
Otherwise it will be resyndicated


Are not (reloaded) from Youtube. No need to set it.


Must be set.



manual editing

Done only on SNB.

Change to Manual Editing Doc

  • We must the posts to manual editing when we are working on them.
  • If we forget to set them manual

Details of the syndication update schedule

update sheduling

Full story button

We added full story button on every single post in bottom right corner. The link is opened into new window.

“nofollow” for Google:


full story

See more for Autofeed