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PRIV O18d 0924 Bugs September 24

Page no: O18d


Urgent and Important: must be fixed before Google Go-Live


G0) New List:

“4000 common words (non-nouns)”


G1) Blank Screen After Remove Stop Words

on Austrian


Blank Screen Remove Stop Words


G2) No category, year in the URL

Macro and syndication do not have category and year in the URL. Check for all please.




I fixed macro: it has now category, year and month

Austrian now also year and month




G3: Stop Words plugin modifies slugs of categories

to be discussed if needed for Google-Go Live

We could fix the problem manually.

example: Business-insider became “insider”, now business is no stop word any more



The blog name “The Short Side of Long” was updated to the category number 313, because all words were considered stop words.



G4) 3rd person of irregular verbs

We need a new list: 3rd person of irregular verbs


awake –> awakes
be –> is
beat –> beats

go –> goes




G5) Message after update stop words

Button3: “Update”.
When I press “Update” in the stop words dialog, then a message should come “stop words updated“. But the message “We removed stop words of the URLs of 2786 posts.” remains on top.

Button 2 : “Restore Old URL”:
The message “Regeneration successful. We regenerated the URLs of 2786 posts.” is good

Button1: “Remove stop words”

The message is good.



G6) After Press “Update” on stop words, it takes 3 minutes to save

This is Button3: what is happening here? A wrong message comes, does this really only save stop words



Not urgent

C1)  People pictures

Add pictures of people to promoteauthors



Promoteauthor: Lower importance than Google Go-Live

Continue on promoteauthor.com

P1) Mobile

Video should work Ipad, Iphone, too. No Flash.

P2) Products

This is the plugin page from Expanded Fronts.

P3) People

Good pics, not necessarily new


P4) Remove all default texts

Remove: “lorem … etc.”



Not needed for Google Go-Live


N0) New Link for macro


N1) Mises United States

Mises United States has


  1. strange text “Search | Mises Institute × Error message The page you requested does not exist. “
  2. not existing posts or
  3. Not existing link in  “View Full Post” button


N2) Swissmacro

URL are not updated for Swissmacro

Example: http://swissmacro.ch/bahn-frei-fur-bankdienstleistungen/

They are on German

The URLs must be updated for all blogs with our plugin


Niki: We need to add German list and it will work correctly


All posts assigned to one author

But they are multi-author blogs

Category Bankiervereinigung:


N3) dot is a seperator for words in URL


URL: https://austrian.economicblogs.org/adam-smith/2015/worstall-corbynomics-peoples-qe/


title:Taking Corbynomics seriously…and stop giggling at the back there

Bug: The plugin did not seperate into “seriously” and “and”

Finally both words are stop words and need to be removed.

N3c) Remove duplicate words inside URL

Example here

 N4a) Stockman: Only partial Posts

Example here


N5) Missing Categories


: category missing in Austrian menu

RBNZ: Missing in Central-Banks menu

Rad: Done

N6) Subcategories are not assigned

Posts must be assigned to both category and subcategory

Currently this works only for category. This is wrong

Subcategories Not Assigned

Single-Author: All 91 posts must be assigned to Wolf Richter - Click to enlarge


There is probably a syndication rule missing, because it work for Megan Green on European.

Works for Economistmeg

Please add for all single-author blogs also a subcategory


This may be fixed after Google-Go Live, Important but not urgent


N7) User pictures: Faces, No Sun Glasses, Beautiful like Passport Photos

No Body like here  (take the face on the page)

No Body

No furniture (Sarah on Europeans)

User pic good, category pic bad

 Prio low

Max Keiser use this pic and smaller:



N8) No pictures taken from original

Swissmacro: Seems to happen very often

CS: The Finalist

or Bankiervereinigung

Niki: Done




N8) Buttons—> to be documented

All posts need 5 buttons, 1 now with Google go-live, 4 later with author-go-live


Text “See full content & comments” links to original post

The next ones are additional functionalities for the Author Go Live


Niki: Done on ACCEHMSySM

Button2: Vote up sign

Vote UpNiki: Done on ACCEHMSySM

Button3: Vote down sign

Niki: Done on ACCEHMSySM

Button 4: Text “Are you the author?” links to a copyright page –  Niki: Done

Niki: Done on ACCEHMSySM

Button5: (low prio)
Text = “Donate to author”

this is a new field in user that specifies his paypal

Niki: Done on ACCEHMSySM



N9) Heterodox


New link http://bleedingheartlibertarians.com/


Additional Functionality Feed Site


1.  New and Wrong links:


Telegraph Blog: Move to Cheerleaders


3. The widgets in the sidebar

DONE, George will later choose which category appears where.
4. checked for empty authors and delete them

DONE, apart from George’s work


5. check the content, if the picture are missing

fixing it, if the picture is not autoassigned for featured image – fixed



8. Channels for Authors

We also add information – avatar, social networks on the authors which are automatically added (when it is possible)

: How do u automatically create the channels?



9) Official Author: “BlogAdmin”   and Fondtrends


The author is inside the text, while BlogAdmin is the “official author”.

Blog Admin instead author

Same happens for Fondstrends on Swissmacro

Example: Author Jog somewhere on the bottom


10. Official Author: Tyler Durden 

Low prio

We have a bigger problem with Zerohedge /Tyler Durdon:

He writes author = Tyler Durden, but then “submitted by”.




F7) We added the categories in the menu (because it is too empty)


We will replace this with special design pictures later.


Other bugs and Features


O2) Fintool

a website with videos



O3) the SNBCHF icon in original?

I created it 3 or 4 years ago,

No this was Favicon


O4) Text to Speech Plugin

Low prio, yet, OPEN


O5) snbchf/Swissmacro and redirect

Low prio, OPEN


O6) Yoast: Redirect with regex on .accessht

Low prio, need page, OPEN


O7) Centralbanks.ch user not created, (low hanging fruit)


uses snbchf zone in Gandi,

same as swissnationalbank.org, which is correct.

this should link to snbchf.com
Do we do a redirect with CNAME?


 Niki: Done

O10) Icons on Follow Author

Create new “CFA Soc”  for authors instead

Exception: Leave CFA Society Switzerland icon for George Dorgan

Low prio, OPEN


O11) Follow Author: Alignment

Important, but not urgent

authors are always right alinted , They should also appear on left side.

Example: akismet
So I would like that authors are left and right, for Akismet we will need only 4 rows instead 7.
Hence we need a param for left/right


O12)  E-llusion plugin page.

Low prio

Fix HTML issues on the page and improve

See more for O1x Orga Videos