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Synology Volumes

why multiple volumes?

Separating multiple volumes would be beneficial for example when you run one volume with SSDs and another with HDDs. Having your apps on a fast volumen and data on the slow one.

The advantage to creating multiple volumes comes when you are using different size drives, want different levels of redundancy, or have significantly different uses. In your case the only advantage you would gain would be less loss of data if an array fails, but at the cost of a higher risk of array failure. If you have one volume in SH

Details here

QNAP system Volume

In the meantime I have discovered the following:

a) QNAP has a clearly defined system volume
Apparently a removal of this system volume risk to destroy the content.




QNAP Problems

remove disk not possible

On storage pools with the system volume, it is also not possible to remove disks.


Synology Volume Defrag


How to defrag Synology NAS using BTRFS

  1. Log into your Synology DSM.
  2. Open Storage Manager (found under the “Start Menu”) then click on Volume > Manage.

Next select Start file system defragmentation and click on Next

synology defrag storage manager

Now click on Apply.

synology defrag confirm wizard


My questions

Defrag was slow




How to schedule the Synology defrag

Helpful: How to run scripts on NAS

If you would rather this be an automated process you can schedule the defrag instead.

Step 1: Log into your Synology DSM and go to Control Panel.

Step 2: Go to Task Scheduler and click on Create > Scheduled Task > User-defined script.

synology defrag schedule task create

Step 3:

Under the General tab give the task a name and keep the user set to root. Then under the Schedule tab configure when you want the defrag to run. On the Task Settings tab enter the following command:

/sbin/btrfs filesystem defragment -r /volume1

synology defrag schedule task command

Step 4:

Finally you’ll be taken back to the Storage Manager and will see a message stating that defrag has started. Depending on how fragmented your drives are this could take several minutes to a couple hours.


Post in the comments below if you’ve noticed any speed improvements as well after a defrag.

synology defrag


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