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T26 Revive Old Posts Problems

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Revive Old Posts, Problems

Queue Problems

SNBCHF cleaning up queue

Bulk deleting the queue for SNBHCF is not a solution due to important articles which were not shared

Manually deleted all fx daily and not relative (old) posts




Could you please clarify the relationship between Crons and ReviveOldPosts, how the Cron is used to tweet.

It is internal Revive Old Post Crons, which on premium version we do not change/modify or edit them. We didn’t investigate this part of the plugin. We are not aware what is the relationship between Revive Old Post and WordPress Crons. They do not have any relationship with our crons.


How often do ReviveOldPosts Cron run?

We do not have such information without further investigation, which is at least 4-6h.

Do we have visibility on it?


Are these jobs that we see on the server?


So we could put them into F21 Cron Jobs Page


Cleaning up Queue
Cleaning up Queue

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Ecoblogs problem with Tweeting

Trello Task

Ecoblogs not tweeting for a long time and then suddenly starts

  • The reason is the cron (or web ping) is not executed on 15 minutes or just stop for a while, which means that the plugin stopped working for some time and then it starts working again without any action from our side
  • The solution is to create an external cron which is executed (like syndication posts crons) on every 15 minutes. The problem disappear after the new cron.




SNBCHF problem with Tweeting

Trello Task

Snbchf is not tweeting

In the last 3 months SNBCHF is tweeting regularly, the problem is that SNBCHF is tweeting old content.

Clean Up the Queue Manually

Trello Task

Bulk deleting the queue is not working. Manual deleting one by one is not possible because of free plugin.

  • I created a simple PHP script, which clear the queue
  • And cleaned up all queues on blogs
  • !!! SNBCHF queue is cleared manually. More info on the


Do you consider this additional functionality that ReviveOldPosts team should know?
If so please move

  • It is not longer an additional functionality, due to buying premium version of the plugin. Now it is part of the plugin (premium version).

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