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Spam on ecoblogs contact mail

Contact Request Spam or Not Spam on Ecoblogs

  • Ecoblogs are


Spam or Not Spam on Ecoblogs

  • what happend with the emails
  • they are into the spam folder
  • write thunderbird rule that moves mail
  • tag the mails depends on the text


Tag mails from Economicblogs

  • Learn what is spam and what is not
  • Do this task regularly
  • Change TAG of the mail, depends on the text
  • Go trough all of the emails and change the tag

Spam on ecoblogs contact mail


We currently receive Email spam on contact form with Hello 🙂

like a different contact form, etc.

Definition of Done

The email spam messages are not visible any more in Thunderbird.

Contact Spam on Ecoblogs
S64 Contact Spam on Ecoblogs

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Ecoblogs Mails
S63 Ecoblogs Mails

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