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PRIV Y33 Duplicated Images

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Old Version

We are focused on the post.

We can only delete attached images.

But if we delete we lose important information, because the same image can still appear unattached many times.






New Version

Move focus to image and where it occurs.

Typical Case:

  • Attached multiple times to one post
  • Not Attached to other posts
  • Many times unattached




We must remove duplicated images, because it makes our DB slow.
There we need a syndication tools function that does this.

Candidates for Removal

All candidates have the same file name. Necessary condition for all below.

Case 1)  Both files are attached to same post.

We do not check yet if the file is used inside the post!

The syndication tool should print the post name, date (similar to other syndication tools) and the files names and URL.



Detailed Requirements

problem Case

We have

  • an image (identified by imageName like “kerviel-2.png”)  and
  • multiple image occurrences of this image in wp-content
    like /wp-content/uploads/2016/10/kerviel-2.png
    and /wp-content/uploads/2016/09/kerviel-2.png
    and …
  • But only one image occurrence should be kept, that one that is used in the post. The others should be deleted.

Solution Proposal

SQL 1:

For all posts selected (as in syndication tools)
Find all image file names in SRC based on HTML
Find all attached images to the post

1) Delete all images, which are attached, but not used in the content.

Find other posts, the which this image (or Image Name) is attached.

Find out how many times, this image (or Image Name) is unattached.


  • Delete Attached but not used
  • Delete Unattached
  • Delete Attached and Unattached


Write here the 3 SQL and the HTML syntax.



Duplicated unattached Images are not found.

EconomicBlogs.ch, Never mind the markets



Syndication Tools: No Unattached Images Found



Results after run Remove Duplicate Images Function.


See more for sYndication Tools