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O80 Trello Butler (mig)

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Page no: O80




How to copy rules from Workspace A to Workspace B
(from Author SEO to Computer)

Same as buttons, boards must be in same workspace.

Solution A:

Step 1: Copy boards that contain the butler from one workspace to another.

Step 2: Share the buttons with the workspace, do not copy cards!


Duplicated Rules
Duplicated Rules

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Solution B:
Create a board that contains the buttons that are used by all workspaces.Example Board: All_Teams_ButtonsThis board only contains the buttons that we need across all workspaces.We copy this board to other teams.Only Andy and GD should modify this board.

Other users like ComputerJoe or Peter Sellers should see these buttons,but they should not get moved into other workspaces when the boards get copied.

option A:

  • Recreate the rule
  • Go to page O83
  • Look at the table with all rule codes
  • Find the one which you are looking for to recreate
  • Open the board in which you would like to create
  • Create it the same way as is written in the code
  • Example: Create new button into CJ (computer) with same Butler Code
  • You cannot simply copy the code and paste it, you have to recreate it manually
option B:

  • Move board into same Workspace
  • This must be a Business Class Workspace
  • Share Rule from user A (GD)
  • Open user B (CJ)
  • Import the the shared rule
  • This is the easiest way
Trello Forum issue that I raised.

In this Video, butlers (board buttons or rules) are removed from the board, when one moves the board from one workspace to another.

I would be really upset when Trello deletes cards or lists from the board in such a situation. But these are still integral parts of a board.

Apparently butlers are not part of the board (any more). But they are part of one workspace and they cannot be transferred among workspaces.

The only way I see is recreating them. I would like to know if somebody has some better workarounds here, or if Trello offers a consistent solution.






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