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Order Audio Files

Artists with many albums have 3rd level structure. They should be marked with “!” at the beggining.

Order Music 3 Level
CM Order Music 3 Level

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3 level structure:

  1. Music, audible or text
  2. Artist name
  3. Album name(Keep year)

or 4 level structure when foreign music:

  1. Music, Audible or text
  2. !Italiano, !Francais…..
  3. Artist Name
  4. Album Name

Order Music in Folders
CM Order Music in Folders

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Order Music Level1
CM Order Music Level1

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Artists with small number of albums have 2nd level structure with his name and album.

Order Music Level3
CM Order Music Level3

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When copying files click the checkbox at the left bottom after some checks for size and name. This overrides all of the files we are trying to copy.

Order Music Override File
CM Order Music Override File

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While copying folders merge them.

Order Music Override
CM Order Music Override

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Antitwin music files



Anti Twin
M92 Anti Twin

. Source: Anti Twin - Click to enlarge


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