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Unneeded text,  and sentences


Missing media

Partial content

How to solve automatically
Adam Smith Institute


Original Archive: Adam Smith Institute

RSS: https://economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=http://www.adamsmith.org/blog?format=RSS

24.Jun.2018  30/30 Yes No No No No 1 16/16 24, Multi  

  1. Missing featured images
  2. Broken featured image Ex.1 Ex.2  Ex.3
  3. Missing pic inside post


  1. When there is an image in the text, we take it, currently some posts doesn’t.
  2. RSSGrabber fix. Works now for new posts with images
  3. We can’t fix this. Feed problem.


Bleeding Hearths Libertarians


Original Archive: Bleeding Hearths Libertarians

RSS: https://economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=feeds.feedburner.com/BleedingHeartLibertarians

20.Jun.2018  30/30 No No Yes No  No 1 1/1 Multi
  1. Unnecessary post’s content – Levy – Sovereign
  2. Not loading content
  1. Fixed with RSS Grabber.
  2. Fixed with RSS Grabber. We cant fix for this post, Old post
Cafe Hayek


Original Archive: Cafe Hayek

RSS: https://economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=http://feeds.feedburner.com/CafeHayek

24.Jun.2018  30/30 24/25 Single
  1. Missing feature image and in post.
  2. Text “Comments” at the bottom – Link
  1.  Fixed with RSS Grabber.
  2. We can’t remove this text.
Carpe Diem


Original Archive: Carpe Diem

RSS: http://feeds.feedburner.com/aei-ideas/carpe-diem

21.Jun.2018  10/10 No No Yes   Only one word. 2 4/4 Single
  1. “This post appeared first”
  2. Cannot load images
  3. Missing video and Missing audio
  1. We can’t automatically remove them
  2. Hot linking protection, can’t take images anymore
  3. We can’t take the full content due to restrictions of the original blog
Cato Liberty


Original Archive: Cato @ Liberty

RSS: https://economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=http://feeds.cato.org/Cato-at-liberty

21.Jun.2018  30/30 No No No No ALT:
Link1, Link2, Link3, Link4,
7 26/27 Multi
  1. Broken/Missing Pictures
  1.  We can’t takes all photos.
Coordination problem


Original Archive: Coordination problem

RSS: https://economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=http://www.coordinationproblem.org/atom.xml

21.Jun.2018  30/30 No No 1/1 Single
  1. |Peter Boettke| on top of every post.
  2. Embeded content shown in excerpt (when there is video) on Peter Boettke (many posts) –boettke-non-zero-tradingboettke-saying what you mean
  1. RSSGrabber fix. Works now for new posts
  2. Fixed with RSS Grabber.
David Stockman’s Contra Corner


Original Archive: David Stockman’s Contra Corner

RSS: economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=http://davidstockmanscontracorner.com/feed/

24.Jun.2018  30/30 No No Yes , , ALT:
Link1, Link2, Link3, Link4,
3 11/11 Multi
  1. All pics from this post are shown like links:
  2. Partial content
  3. Missing video
  1. You need to login to see full content – paid membership.
  2. Subscription needed
  3. We can’t take the full content due to restrictions of the original blog
EconLog Library


Original Archive: EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

RSS: https://economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=http://feeds.feedburner.com/Econlog

12.Jun.2018 30/30 No No Yes No Bad ALT text:
Link1, Link2, Link3, Link4,
1 16/16 Multi  

  1.  This post has text completely different comparing original site
  2. Missing image inside Post: Maloberti
  1. Not exactly css bug. Should discuss with Niki how to solve the problem automatically.
  2. Fixed with RSS Grabber. Works now for new posts with images
Keith Weiner – Monetary Metals


Original Archive: Keith Weiner – Monetary Metals

RSS: Keith Weiner – Monetary Metals

Keith Weiner


Original Archive: Keith Weiner Economics

RSS: https://economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=keithweinereconomics.com/feed/


No new posts.

 10/10 No No Yes No Yes, ALT
Link1, Link2
1 / 30 days  3/3 Single No problems
Lew Rockwell


Original Archive: LewRockwell.com

RSS: https://economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=https://www.lewrockwell.com/feed/

24.Jun.2018 30/30 No No No No No

few images
Link1, Link2, Link3, Link4,

10 84/84 Multi
  1. “Related posts” in the end of the post
  2. Missing references/
  3. Author problem
  4. Again author problem
  5. Small excerpt – bonner-revolution/
  1. RSSGrabber fixed.
  2. Should be discussed with Niki
  3. We rename Lindell Palmer to Various Authors. After the last RSSGrabber modifications all posts without author are attached to “No author”.
  4. We can’t fix all authors.
  5. RSSGrabber fixed.
Mauldin Letter


Original Archive: Mauldin Economics

RSS: economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=feeds.feedburner.com/johnmauldin/newsletters

21.Jun.2018 30/30 No No No No No ALT text:
Link1, Link2
1 / 3 days 1/1 Single
  1. Missing pictures
  2. This post is 404 error page of the blog: https://austrian.economicblogs.org/mauldin/2017/mauldin-reset/
  1. All the new posts contain all pictures and graphs from the original site.
  2. we can’t solve this problem
Max Keiser


Original Archive: Max Keiser | Financial War Report

RSS: https://economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=https://www.maxkeiser.com/feed

24.Jun.2018 30/30 No No Yes , Bad ALT text:
Link1, Link2,
3 16/16 Single
  1. Headline
  2. and tags inside the posts
  3. Missing pic inside post and Missing video content
  4. Their RSS is stopped.
  1. CSS Fixed for the headline.
  2. Tags cant be removed with CSS or scripted.
  3. RSSGrabber fixed. But we can’t fix this for all posts
  4. We cant find new RSS
Mercatus Center


Original Archive: Mercatus Center

RSS: https://economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=http://feeds.femiedburner.com/MercatusHome

21.Jun.2018 No No No No No ALT text:
Link1, Link2, Link3
2 14/6

I cant find their archive.

  1. Publication/ Expert Commentary – on top of every post
  2. Missing PDF
  1. RSSGrabber fix.
  2. RSSGrabber fix. Works now for new posts with PDF
Mises institute Canada


Original Archive: Mises.ca

RSS: https://www.mises.ca/feed/

22.Jun.2018  30/30 No No Yes , , , Bad, ALT text:
Link1, Link2, Link3, Link4
1 5/6 Multi No problems
Mises Institute USA


Original Archive: Mises Institute

RSS: economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=http://feeds.feedburner.com/MisesWire

21.Jun.2018  30/30 No No No No No ALT text:
Link1, Link2, Link3, Link4
3 24/31 16, 10, 14, 17, 22, 19, 10, 14, 37, Multi
  1. Every post pics loading. Black image loading GIF
  2. Sentences at the end – posting.
  3. Featured images are loaded when scrolling through the whole blog
  4. Content positioning problem
  5. Remove Twitter, Facebook at beginning, can u reload?
  6. Image not loaded – Mises – Individuals
  7. Their RSS is changed. We have new post, why can we get them?
  1. RSSGrabber fix.
  2. CSS Fixed for text
  3. This is not a bug. It is called lazyload and we load the image when we scroll until the image.
  4. Fixed with CSS.
  5. DONE. Fixed with RSS Grabber
  6. DONE. Fixed with RSS Grabber
  7. RSS is changed
Peter Schiff


Original Archive: Peter Schiff’s Gold News

RSS: https://economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=schiffgold.com/news/feed/

21.Jun.2018 30/30 No No Yes Ex. ALT text:
Link1, Link2, Link3, Link4
2 11/13 4, Multi
  1. Comments are closed in the end of every post
  2. There are some numbers at the end of this posts.
  3. Missing video
  4. Repeating posts – Schiffgold – Museum Gold
  5. Loading advertisement
  1. CSS Fixed for text
  2. CSS Fixed for text
  3. RSSGrabber fix. Works now for new posts with Video (Link)
  4. RSSGrabber fix.
  5. We can’t remove this image.
Robert Murphy: Free Advice


Original Archive: Free Advice

RSS: economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=consultingbyrpm.com/feed

17.Jun.2018  30/30 No No Yes No No images 2 4/4 Single
  • No problem
Tom Woods


Original Archive: The Tom Woods Show

RSS: https://economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=http://tomwoodsshow.libsyn.com/rss

21.Jun.2018 30/30 No No No No No images 1 5/5 Single
  1. Audio links to other site
  2. Unable to retrieve content ……
  1. We can’t take the full content due to restrictions of the original blog
  2. RSSGrabber fix. Removed for new posts.
Wolf Street


Original Archive: Wolf Street

RSS: economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=wolfstreet.com/feed/

24.Jun.2018  30/30 No No Yes , C Example ALT text:
Link1, Link2, Link3,
1 13/13 Multi
  • No problem


Original Archive: Zero Hedge

RSS: https://economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=feeds.feedburner.com/zerohedge/feed

24.Jun.2018  30/30 No No Yes Masses of Tags,
more or less good , ,
Ex. ALT text:
Link1, Link2, Link3, Link4
6 – 13 113/464 Multi
  1. Missing pic: Some posts without pictures/
  2. Every post loads featured image at the end of the blog, it loads a graph when there is one. Sometimes loads both at the beginning and the end.
  3. Missing video
  4. Missing posts
  1. Generally the posts contains all the pics from the originals. Although this post have a missing pictures.
  2. Solution: This is not a bug, our software works this way)
  3. RSS Grabber fix. Works now for new posts with Video (Link)
  4. They uploads 20 posts per day, their RSS have 10 posts, we can’t load all posts.


Original Archive: Bawerk.net

RSS: economicblogs.org/rss/get.php?url=bawerk.net/feed/


No new posts.

 29/30 No No Yes , , Many Image
1 / 10 days 1/1 5, Single
  1. every post loads featured image that duplicates the graph,
  2. Some of the posts has small excerpt compared to the rest: boehm-bawerk/articles/
  1. This is the way our software works. We can disable featured images, but it is better to have.
  2. Can’t be fixed

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