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Plugin Sales

Offer a list of plugins and sell them.

Integrated similar to

  • WordPress.com
  • Avast Antivirus

Unfair advantage:

Cross selling

  • Out, too little revenue
  • Team is not ready yet, English
  • Forum always answering, English

Change project from Plan A to a plan to works


Sales via Blog

What does Kinsta better?

Similar activities between us and Kinsta:

  • unique good content
  • articles which help people
  • order screenshots by object


Differences between us and Kinsta:

We Kinsta
they have better seo
we use subdomain they use a domain, not a subdomain -> this gives better seo, too
we have bad articles too they have only public, good looking articles
we have private articles
we structure our doc site as a doc site they structured it as a blog
we have mix of private content, good articles and doc pages for our use they have only articles
we need to start selling they sale




What we should improve?

We should:

  • divide private content from public content
  • move all good articles to a domain
  • review, improve, update and make them good loking
  • implement a sales channel in the blog, so we can attract clients



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