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High Resolution without Screen

When no monitor connect , the resolution can only be 1920 * 1080 in 30hz?


I am using windows 7, and ati 7850 display card.

I would like to use the computer without monitor , and when I use teamviewer to control it, I found that the monitor detect is VGA , and the maximum resolution is 1600 * 1200 (60hz) or 1920 * 1080 (30hz).

Any idea about this? Since when I would like to use steam for game streaming it only let me select the 1600 * 1200, and there is no 1920 * 1080 choice, therefore, how can I set 1920 * 1080 60hz without monitor?



Are you connecting a monitor or a TV?

Below are some methods that could perhaps solve the problem, singly or several together:

Method 1: Use a tool to force the resolution

Here are some command line tools that can change the screen resolution :
QRes, NirCmd, Display Changer.


All of the tools did not work on George-BG or Media-PC.

Method 2: Registry updates

Search the registry for DefaultSettings.XResolution, DefaultSettings.YResolution and BitsPerPixel and change to the desired resolution.

If necessary, add ColorDepth for RDP connection :

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows NT\Terminal Services] “ColorDepth”=dword:00000003 in decimal.

More info can be found here.

Method 3: Setting the video adapter to custom setting

If your VGA video driver has customizing software, you could do something similar to:


Method 4: Use a fake video plug

If it becomes necessary to fool Windows into believing that a real monitor is attached, see this tutorial on how to create such a plug using a spare DVI-VGA adapter and three 68 ohm resistors: The 30 Second Dummy Plug.


Method5: Use a screen


we use a screen

Custom Resolution

Create Custom Resolution


Remote work for George on 2560×1080 resolution, which is identical to my job screen.

Have options to create custom resolution inside the NVIDIA software.


Nvidia Create Custom Resolution
Nvidia Create Custom Resolution

- Click to enlarge


Change the appearance of displays.

Nvidia Choose Custom Resolution
Nvidia Choose Custom Resolution

- Click to enlarge

Use different monitors

Switch to right monitor

George now uses the 2560 screen.

Team should simply switch the screen from screen2 to screen1.

Set Desktop Size
Set Desktop Size

- Click to enlarge

Fonts and Color Scheme

Resolution Font Quality on George-BG

Resolution Font Quality
cm18 Resolution Font Quality

- Click to enlarge

Color Scheme Windows Basic

Change color scheme, so that fonts are better again.

Display Color Scheme Wrong on George BG
Display Color Scheme Wrong on George BG

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Sync with time server gives 2059

  • Elite showing year 2059, cannot use Google or any website
  • Contacting Windows Time Server results in 2059
  • Use Teamviewer from George-BG

  • Click on the clock
  • Change Date and Time Settings
  • Change the calendar back to 2019 May
  • Set the right Date and Time
  • Click okay
  • restart Computer

Bugged Date and Time on Elite Computer
Bugged Date and Time on Elite Computer

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