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George Morgan
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Alpha 2 meeting 3

Great meeting this evening, very useful insight , rich exchange and a lot of support on the legal aspect, and management of its energy as an entrepreneur!

Alpha Meeting 2

Discussion of general program topics. Tonight’s meeting will focus on the legal concept.

Blasters Team Meeting 3

Good discussions around the incorporation, employment and general progress.

Blasters Team Meeting 2

Very engaged meeting today, welcoming Alexandra to the team, sharing topics of general concern and clarifying the assignments of next week. Most important topic is the incorporation, i.e. finding the right solution.

Working Group Blasters Team

Below is the list of Enrolled Founders in the Switzerland Spring 2021 program that have opted to share their contact information. If you would like to be listed, then be sure to edit your “Public Description of Yourself” on your Founder Profile (optional).

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Alexandra Pinto

+41764779121 Blasters

Researcher and Entrepreneur Passionate about Neuroscience and it’s interceptions with Technology and Data Science.


Gonçalo Castanho

+41786726191 Blasters

Alumni of Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne, I founded two successful tourism startups and now I am focus on building a Smart Tourism Platform.


Emil Virag

+41798657998 Blasters

Emil has Glbl. Operations /Supply Chain experience in Food industry. Passionate about sustainable food manufacturing & distribution scale-up


Markus Ursprung

+41795716690 Blasters

Marketing and communication professional with own agency (Level 48). Co-founder of Gainwise.ch. Reliable and enthusiastic.


George Morgen

+41764424426 Blasters

Main job: Banking and IT. Hobby: SEO specialist & Blogger on Finance since 2011. I transformed the blog into an multi-author auto-blogger.

Other Teams


Michael Striligás

+41768311393 Alphas

Entrepreneur & polymath with over 15Y of commercial experience in IT, Retail, Manufacturing & Energy in EMEA/APAC working for a better world


Vincent Irrling

+41767460370 Alphas

Optimist. MBA. Mountain lover. Pursuing my passion by building a Startup for Startups.


Bertrand Fongang

+41779616616 Alphas

I’m an electrical eng, I’m building a Edtech for Africa’s Engineers education.


Kabeer Chawla

+41789330078 Alphas

– 10 yrs experience in building consumer tech startups in India – 2x founder – Retail, e-commerce, consumer goods. – Jack of all trades

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