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Business Requirement

we would to allow a login into our sites with social media, like Twitter, Facebook, Google

Currently we foresee only a subscription service with Mailpoet and an extension of Mailpoet that saves subsribers into the WP user table.

Comment Systems

We would like that users can login into our sites with social media, like Twitter, Facebook, Google….

The example comes from Disqus. As opposed to Disqus, the login data are saved on the local data base and not on a central server like Disqus.

Comment System Login

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Login via FB, G+, Twitter (updated 04/14/2015)

All of the social networks have their own custom APIs, which we can use for communication with their DB. After we integrate and make the connection to their API. We have to create the coude which we will use to communicate.


1. First we create the button, which users will click on it. We had to check if the user is already registered in our DB.
a) If it is not, we had to ask for needed permission (for example – access to email and names). After we get this information, we add it in our core wp user table. It is important to add new field which we will show that this user is registered by facebook.
b) If it is registered in our site, we check with the API. If the user is logged in facebook, we start the session in our site, too.


Twitter, Google +

The login/register process using Twitter or Google + APIs is exactly the same. Only the commands we use for the APIs are different.



I don’t have any information about the livefyre.


Log into ReadyGraph (via FB, G+)

Can the Information be copied ?   Cookie to Cookie copying?


Facebook doesn’t have remember me button on facebook login button. Google, too. Every session – new login. Probably ReadyGraph (I search, but I can’t find it) doesn’t give that option, too. I’m not sure that we can use ReadyGraph with our login form, too.

If we use custom APIs, we can set (after login) different cookie and store his session in our site. Unfortunately, if he is not logged with facebook session, he can’t use facebook benefits. But I don’t think he will have some. All the information (email, names) will be stored in our db. So if we use APIs it is possible.


ReadyGraph is a tool that makes it easy for websites to grow and manage their user-base, by allowing/utilizing: user sign-up, through an optional notification tab and an intelligent pop-up, with one-click sign-up and social login options; user friend invitations, through the sign-up pop-up, or a sidebar button; automated emails (optional) that keep visitors coming back, such as welcome messages to greet new users, recent site updates/posts to keep them informed, gentle reminders for inactive users, and a weekly digest of new content; mass emailing, for fast communication to all your subscribers; user-interaction, through an optional comment-feed sidebar; analytic tools, to track new subscribers, daily visits, and other key metrics that quantify your website’s growth and user engagement.
when I see my activities on Facebook, I think it is worth an examination
this means your Tasks (you and Rad together) are essentially
if it is possible to integrate ReadyGraph with the things you have done


Login via Mailpoet


This page will describe how a user may login with mailpoet only, specify their language etc.

Like in the previous register form here.

It should result into a login in WordPress as subscriber. The current register process already supports this.

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