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Page no: L20a

PageNo: L20a

Tasks opened on Friday 20Nov.

1) snbchf:  in the recent and featured widget (urgent)
Written gold price drop
posts do not get copied correctly into the wizard


2) Use

Use this PromoteAuthor pic  in the middle, it is from the business card2.png
File under Pcloud
P:\!Meine Dose\!team\#PromoteAuthorsYour button is better for a small icon or favicon.

But I am ready for discussion.

4) Featured tag on snbchf (not urgent)

A bit bigger task is to set the tag “Featured” for newly imported posts
snbchf only  so they are in the featured&Recent widget


Test waiting for a new article in monetary metals and – maybe – for the new feeds.

5) Please update all tasks in the task log that are not FIXED or DONE
u can write OPEN if nothing is done yet



Tasks opened on Wed Nov18

we need to work more on doc. One hour per day for Niki. Now we need to recover what we did not do before. So try 3-4 hours doc.

  1. Please pay attention for format for documentation.

    How to write doc sites pages

    Nearly all doc page will contain an introduction:

    1. Introduction by George Dorgan or Nick
    2. Some text why the quoted text is important
    3. then follow-author snippet for real author
    4. Then Link to original text (maybe like in Ecoblog)
    5. The text of the original page in quotes

     Moreover, do not use stop words in the URL and in the menu.

  2. Edit Vesta-CP page, so I know how to login. Currently we show the different functionalities. This is good.
    But an overview screenshot is missing. Add a new page: “how to work on DBs with Vesta CP“. FIXED
  3. Rad, Doc Pages: Copy all pages under this link from into Tools PageNo 21a-21z    Use order numbers 210 to 219.
    Rachel is already a user on the doc site. The page 21b already exists.

    Ok, do not need introduction yet
    But remove stop Words please
  4. Here in the menu title, the important words are:
    1. Data in WordPress
      Posts and Pages
      Content Types
      User data
      Metadata …
      The rest does not belong to the menu title and not to the UR. The URL should then exclude the stop words
      – FIXED
    2. Rad fix Doc pages:
      a) All pages must have a number in the title like “23 community” – Done
      b) a correct order number – Done
      c) a text “PageNo”, for example “Page no: Mar23″ – Done
      d) They must be in the menu – Done
      e) They must be in our doc tableFontAwesome, for example, has not yet an order number assigned.The page “Obtain income with a website” has nothing of a) b) c) and d). Probably not in Doc Table neither. Done
Wordpress Doc


Tasks opened onTue Nov 17

  1. Niki: Read all 6 pages on pictured categories and give feedback. –
  2. Niki: continue on author profile pages.
    DONE, we
  3. Ned: Split Pic Cat Archives and Widgets into Pro and Light functionality as under point 1. – Ready, I will test tomorrow
  4. Rad: Continue with authors on Syndication.ecoblogs. – FIXED
  5. Rad: Check again the new authors. Add them avatar, information and bio – FIXED

Tasks on Mon Nov 16

  1. Niki: Read all 6 pages on pictured categories and give feedback.. You may change what is pro and what is light functionality.
    – Done
  2.  Ivan: UI fixes of Pic Cat Widges – FIXED

Tasks on Friday Nov 13

  1. Clean up old tasks since Monday incl. doc tasks, please write the list every day
    mainly go-live bugs  – FIXED
  2. Rad: Override first column task “feed updated?” is a very quick task,
    I have DONE it.
  3. Rad: When there is “no tags” in the table, verify some of the original posts if they have tags
  4. Rad: sync doc task table and pages FIXED
  5. Rad: Update progress on bios page – FIXED

Tasks on Thu Nov 12

  1. Niki: Focus on Jetpack bug – DONE
  2. Rad: Continue testing excerpts and fill the table – Fixed
  3. Rad: Remove last column and override first column for the feed update. Do not override bugs in the first column, unless they are fixed. –
  4. Rad working on the new authors and bios –
  5. Rad sync doc task table and pages – FIXED

Tasks on Wed Nov11

Wednesday: Continue old tasks and snbchf go-live tasks


rad & me was working on excerpts again, there were some bug for fixing and now everything is perfect
Ned is not working today, tomorrow he will work


Tasks for Tue Nov 10

1) Excerpt Formatting Bug during the reloading of posts, T29, urgent


2) Fix Cron and jetpack on snbchf and reload posts

Waiting for new posts….
3) Rad should test excerpts in the backend and write how many got correctly reloaded per blog
(together with meta desc and tags)

contains new field for “number posts/excerpts correctly reloaded

Ned: Fix bugs and add screenshots to Pic Cat Doc


5) For all Ecoblogs sites: Daily quick check which blogs got updated. Hover over the menu to see.
If there is no new posts in last 7 days go to original site and check

Not fixed: On WP Security and contact formulars are email addresses, too


1) We are continue working (Ned & me) on formatting bugs and fixing and how we can fix them globally on all excerpts. Ned is working on fixing them on all posts, I work on the plugin.
2) Cron – ready, jetpack – You need to connect it. I don’t have the password for wordpress

3) Fixed
1) Formatting bug is fixed. We regenerate the old posts excerpts, too. We put that function into StopWordsPro plugin.

Monday on Nov 9

1) Ecoblogs: Excerpt currently contains the full post in HTML form, instead the excerpts from the RSS feeds.
How long does this bug exist, maybe since the latest change, how to fix it?

reload the posts with correct excerpts and update the page

2) Fix Cron on snbchf and more bugs on snbchf go-live

3) Rad: New column on
test if excerpt,tags, metadesc are ok for each blog
write “full post”, if it has full post, say “no tags”, “no metadesc”

4) Ned: Fix bugs and add screenshots to Pic Cat Wi
5) Rad: bi-weekly

6) Replace [email protected] by your email or [email protected]  on all sites
I use now [email protected] but only for business and not IT


1) The bug took almost one day to be fixed. Now it works fine. Rad is reloading posts currently. He will continue until 19.
2) – Fixed
3) – Fixed
4) – Fixed 2 of the bugs, now he is working on the rest, not finished yet
5) – Fixed
6) – Fixed


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