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Export Traced Program Logs

  • George-BG: Export all traced program logs
  • or you find the old files that you exported before: cannot find old task
  • File type is *.ruel
  • 1) Put them into H:\Sync\$Software\(7)WinAdmin\Revo Export Logs
  • 2) Put a copy of each *.RUEL file again in the installation folder for each program
  • Example: H:\Sync\$Software\(1b) Installation SW Computer Base\!Tax&Invest\Cashcom –> put a copy of RUEL File here
This does not work as such

Import and Edit Logs

  • —- Tasks
  • use G:\pdrive\AdditionalApps\Revo4\Data under options –> portability
  • Make a copy of existing logs file RUPLogsData.ini (e.g. from BG)
  • —- Rename Entries according Computer and User
  • for each computer rename the log entries in Revo GUI
  • ———– edit the RUPLogsData.ini file
  • make a backup
  • inside G:\drive\AdditionalApps\Revo4\Data\ELITEWIN8_Admin_1064560113-2724808750-105864020-1001
  • make sure that the paths are correct, example:
    Path=G:\drive\AdditionalApps\Revo4\Data\ELITEWIN8_Admin_1064560113-2724808750-105864020-1001\Logs\Google Update EliteI7Win8
  • 3. Copy logs folder from Master EliteWin8 (don’t override) , if needed
  • 4. Copy from other computers

Cleaning up

  • Name should contain computer name and User
  • BG is user George –> Rename required
  • Replace BG with BG George inside section and name
  • do not replace in folder name
  • same for Elite similar with Elitei7 Admin

Test Logs and right data.lhi file

  • For each log Entry
  • Click on Edit Log

  • This open the content of files in EXAMPLE:
  • G:\drive\AdditionalApps\Revo4\Data\ELITEWIN8_Admin_1064560113-2724808750-105864020-1001\Logs\Banana Accounting 9.0 Missing Studio
  • This must open the log, if not works see problems below
  • data.lhi and filelogs.dat and reglogs.dat must exist
  • If registry entries = 0 we have a problem, typically too small data.lhi file

 Problems and Solving

  • make sure that no conflicted files (e.g. data.lhi) with bigger size exist, EXAMPLE: data [conflicted].lhi
  • Case1: Example for conflicted files with same size
  • Reason for same size: Revo updates data.lhi and other files when user paths chang


  • if data[conflicted].lhi or data(2).lhi is same size as data.lhi, then there is usually no problem
  • EXAMPLE entries from file: data.lhi MYPICTURES=G:\drive\ATab\Fotki data(2).lhi: MYPICTURES=H:\Sync\!Dat\Pic
  • Case2: Example for conflicted file with bigger size

  • When bigger size exists, –> check existing file, if 1KB and nothing inside delete
  • and conflicted file into data.lhi (or filelogs.dat and reglogs.dat)
  • Start Uninstall on the Traced Programs
  • Select all registry entries and Delete
  • Select all files and Delete
  • Additional related items: Decide case by case

Merge Log Files

  • when the folders are not OK in Revo
  • he creates new RPLogsData.ini file

  • Merge the two files
  • Make sure that the path is OK: Example Path=P:\SyncComp\AdditionalApps\Revo4\Data changed into G:\drive\ATab\AdditionalApps\Revo4\data
  • Merge the two files
  • copy the new entries into existing file
  • Best by section/Program alphabetically

User inside Log

  • — Missing User
  • inside Revo GUI go to each log
  • Click on Edit Log
  • Files and Folders
  • Find a path with c:\users

Uninstall imported Logs

The video explains how to uninstall imported logs using Revo Uninstaller.





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