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PRIV Y63 Syndication Execution Stats Ecoblogs.ch

Page no: Y63

We will need to execute Syndication Tools on all our blogs.


The following table shows how many posts can be done.

The performance of media tools is less important, but for comparison.


Media Tools


We also run media tools, because we still

have old images, that must be imported.

Till some time ago, we did not import images.

Go through the log with the scrollbar.

The log will show the images that got imported.


Media Tools

Media Tools:


Blog 2. Fill external link from feed
(number posts)
3. Media Tools: Import external images
(images in libary yes/no)
4. Replace
HREF to syndicated image
(number posts)
5. Replace external links by internal link
(number links)
6. Make longer Excerpt 7. Generate Meta Description from Excerpt 8. Remove duplicate attached images
 Probably all, strange 57% message

Media Tools had possibly been run


AcceMax  2015: Done All DONE.

Sept2016 to End: ca. 30 empty excerpts.

Bankiervereinigung  DONE  DONE All done

Wrong Statistics

Batz  DONE  DONE All done,

2017: 11 generated out of 12 posts

CS The Finalist  Question with changed feed All done
Die Zürcherin  DONE All done
Dirk Niepelt  DONE All done
Fintool Video posts not found.
Fondstrends Done: 2015-July2016

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