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1. Where find Biography?

Bio from Linked In

  • Copy the Author CV from Linked In
  • Only the main points.
  • One sentence for each job.
  • Make full sentences out the abbreviations.


Bio from Wikipedia

The author bio is copied from Wikipedia. You should never copy the texts in [ ]

Example: subscript (“citation missing”).

Bio From Wikipedia
A16 Bio from Wikipedia

Source: Bio From Wikipedia - Click to enlarge

Bio from Website SEO

If we aggregate a whole website or part of it, we can take the SEO text from Google.


2. Long and Short Bio

Short Bio: Write what the guy does today. But not what he did many years ago.

Long Bio: You can copy from the full author profile on his site.

Quick Edit Fields

Biography Fields Quick Edit

These are the fields which we can fill from user quick edit.

Biography Fields Quick Edit
Biography Fields Quick Edit

- Click to enlarge

Biography User Overview

If the user has wikipedia, means that the user is public and should check the field for Public Persons. If the user is dummy, also should check the field.

Biography User Overview
Biography User Overview

- Click to enlarge

About Me What to Enter

These are the important fields for every user which has to fill.

About Me What to Enter
About Me What to Enter

- Click to enlarge

3. Additional Texts in Bio

Authors Marketing Text

Trello Link

Adding marketing text in biography of specific authors.

Marketing Text Search All users of company
A16 Marketing Text Search All users of company

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Video Summary:

  • Leave long bio empty when it is same as short bio. Software will display it on its own
  • Copy bios from SNBCHF to Swiss ecoblogs for same person
  • Copy bio for dual people from single people

A16 Biography

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4. Cleanup Biography

Authors without biography

  • Author plugin should order by biography
    • The ones without biography are shown first
    • Order by date
  • George will control them later



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