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Proposal for basic and advanced mode

For FeedWordpress we need to divide the plugin to two different mods.

First one is Basic mode – mostly for our clients. They will have basic and easy functionality only to make changes in their working website or to setup easily a new feed.

Second one is called Advanced mode and will be for us and most advanced clients, which knows how the things works.


Current area Object Function name today Function Description Basic or Advance Future area = Object Future function name Comment
Categories Feed Categories & Tags Match Feed Categories What to do with categories Basic Categories Categories matching Divide to Categories and Tags
Unmatched Categories What to do with unmatched categories Advanced Unmatched Categories
Match Inline Tags What to do with tags Advanced Tags Tag matching
Unmatched Inline Tags What to do with unmatched tags Advanced Unmatched Tags
Multiple Categories If you want to divide multiple categories into single Advanced Go under Categories

Feed Categories & Tags
Feed Categories & Tags

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Categories Categories Add custom categories for the feed Basic Move under Categories
Tags Add custom tags for the feed Basic Move under Tags
Format Change format of the feed Advanced Move under Tags


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